I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find a logo, and I wanted something cute and that represents gaming. I didn’t want anything that references “Unturned,” “Minecraft” or any other games that we may offer as part of our network.

We are a survival based community, and I wanted something that could represent as a brand identity.

I feel like the controller needs a name. :)
It’s time to take JustPlayHere to the next level, and that’s with us introducing the Unturned Store. By purchasing a rank, you have access to individual kits that you can run on a daily basis.

Buying anything from our store doesn’t give you any special treatment when it comes to violating our rules. If you do something wrong, we will take appropriate action against you. However, we won’t take away your permissions ever. Although, if you’re permanently banned you cannot use them. Make sure you read our license agreement before purchasing a rank our servers.

We have been around for about two years or so, and we have never asked for donations. However, with the increasing player base and additional maps being introduced, we have taken this step in hopes people will support their community.

Funds would go for paying for servers, website maintenance, development, advertising, Cory’s Tim Horton’s Iced Capp addiction and TeddyBear addiction. :)

Without further ado;...
Yukon Map

We have been looking at our servers to see what’s the most popular, and what’s the least popular. Unfortunately, the only map that doesn’t seem to do well and that’s the Yukon map. Therefore, will be discontinuing this map on all servers.

Affected Servers:
  • PvE5
  • PvE6
  • PvP5
  • PvP6

Russia Map
Don’t worry! PvE5, PvE6, PvP5 and PvP6 are not going anywhere. With the upcoming release of the new Russia Map. This map will take its place.