Status Update
The transfer will still likely happen sometime tomorrow or latest by Wednesday. There was unforeseen delays and we'll keep you posted. Some information:
  • IPs will change.
  • Players money will reset to 10,000 Bits.
  • Map Credit Request is still open.
  • Players inventory will NOT reset.
  • Shop will be updated.
  • Winter map is coming.
  • Halloween map, I heard was okay and will likely add one server for PvE and PvP.

Hey everyone! It’s time to have a talk about the upcoming changes for our Unturned Servers and what to expect.

Map Reset
Two weeks ago we conducted a poll about resetting the maps on all servers to reduce lag. There is a lot of unused bases that’s making us do this.

Even though the statistics say we should reset the map every 3 months and 6 months is right behind it. The idea we’re thinking would be to possibly not reset it at all and if we need to it would be every 6...
I'm proud to announce that JustOneMoreBlock has a new, fully dedicated box for the Unturned community! This means we will have multiple servers soon along with full 24/7 access to all of our servers.

The main server, UT.JustOnemoreBlock.com, is now back online and has some great new plugins installed to keep the server running at its best. Also, we have a completely new section of the website just for Unturned! View it by clicking on the servers tab at the top of the site and selecting 'Unturned".

On the website, you can view all of the current staff members, the server stats, VOTING INFO, and much more. Feel free to post anywhere in our forums as we are here to help! :D

- MrStealthDog