Hey everyone,

In the last few weeks, We have been having a lot of issues on the Unturned Servers that are causing way too many problems.

Back in September, we had a poll in regards to map resetting and we planned to do it every 6 months and while the timeline from our point of view works. We simply just let it slide and see how things were going and now it’s going on a little over 8 Months since the last reset.

Well, it’s time for another reset to fix these many problems we are having in the maps. What does this mean for you?

  • A fresh new map.
  • Your inventory will be deleted....
Status Update
The transfer will still likely happen sometime tomorrow or latest by Wednesday. There was unforeseen delays and we'll keep you posted. Some information:
  • IPs will change.
  • Players money will reset to 10,000 Bits.
  • Map Credit Request is still open.
  • Players inventory will NOT reset.
  • Shop will be updated.
  • Winter map is coming.
  • Halloween map, I heard was okay and will likely add one server for PvE and PvP.

Hey everyone! It’s time to have a talk about the upcoming changes for our Unturned Servers and what to expect.

Map Reset
Two weeks ago we conducted a poll about resetting the maps on all servers to reduce lag. There is a lot of unused bases that’s making us do this.

Even though the statistics say we should reset the map every 3 months and 6 months is right behind it. The idea we’re thinking would be to possibly not reset it at all and if we need to it would be every 6...
Map Reset
It’s been brought up to discussion amongst staff that we should consider a map reset and if we were to do so, It would be done across all servers depending on a majority vote and if you have any reservations about this you have to understand why we want to do a map reset.

There a lot of buildings on the server that have been abandoned from current or former players and we cannot easily verify if they’re currently in use or not and therefore we cannot destroy them.

These buildings will cause space issues where current and new players cannot build or just simply lag the server.

If we have reset the map once before without any issues as there was a major bug in Unturned that forced us to. To allow players to better adjust to the new map we have given them 5,000 Bits in order to get started.

Keep in mind, This will likely happen again and that’s why we have options for you to consider a map reset time frame.

At the time we considered giving...
Unturned has decided to release a new map called Yukon which is always snowing on the map and as the title says you better bundle up, otherwise you will freeze to death.

We didn't want to remove any of our current servers that use PEI, so we have introduced two additional servers for the time being.
  • PvE6 is on port 27070.
  • PvP5 is on port 27075.

Check our server status page for all the IPs and Ports for updated information on how to connect and vote on our servers.


On another note, The feast has been temporary disabled due to some spawning bug. We're investigating the issue and should resolved as soon as possible.
We have finally decided to update the Unturned server to 3.9.x.x as the older version 2.2.5 was no longer being played enough and after talking with our newest Sr. Moderator, SilverFox and Moderator, Zami and let me know that Unturned was far enough in development to support players.

A new modloader called Rocket which extends to an API allows us to run plugins and Zami has assisted me in getting the server online with all the latest and greatest plugins.

  • Kits
    • Create kits for players.
  • Global Ban
    • May eventually add a PvP server, so this global ban system will be used.
  • Message Announcer
    • Sends announcements to the server, letting you know our site and we have a TeamSpeak.
  • uConomy
    • An economy plugin which connects to the shop plugin.
  • uConomy Essentials
    • We provide users a salary every 15 minutes they’re on the server.
  • Votifier
    • Vote for our server? You can...
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