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  1. Hey everyone,

    UPDATE: The maps and plugins have been updated! They're few minor issues which will be resolved soon!

    UPDATE: Shop has been updated. Salvage and Sell your items!

    UPDATE: Due to the shop not being updated. We are moving the reset a week from today. We'll add the shop update on Friday, 8th. The reset will be on Monday, 11th.

    For a while now, we have been contemplating the resetting of all maps on all of our servers. The purpose of this move is to consolidate and re-order our servers. This means we can remove unused servers and re-allocate resources that are being unused to maps we currently don’t have.

    It’s been over 19 Months (1 year and 7 months) since the last map reset. What does this mean for you?
    • A fresh new map.
    • Your inventory will be deleted.
    • You will not lose your in-game money.
    • We’ll be providing a one-time credit of 10,000 Bits to your current balance.
    Unturned Changes
    Since we’ll be planning a map reset. We’ll also be doing some plugin cleaning and changes to provide our server with more up to date plugins and additional plugins we will be testing over the course of few weeks to be implemented during the map reset. The new plugins are going to be for staff, but following our newly implemented rules.

    More details of our rule changes will be presented at a later date.

    New Server Lineup
    • PvE
      • 3 x PEI
      • 1 x Yukon
      • 2 x Washington
      • 1 x Russia
      • 1 x Hawaii
      • 1 x Germany
    • PvP
      • 1 x PEI
      • 1 x Yukon
      • 1 x Washington
      • 1 x Russia
      • 1 x Hawaii
      • 1 x Germany
    • Arena
      • 2 x Paintball_Arena_0
      • 1 x Washington Arena
      • 2 x Monolith
      • 1 x Alpha Valley
    Money, Inventory, and Items
    Don’t worry! I mentioned above that we are not going to be resetting anyone’s Bits! However, everyone’s inventory and the maps will be reset. Don’t worry! We have a solution!

    Your items are salvageable, and you can sell them back to the shop. We will present a slightly modified in-game shop to sell all things.

    Join our TeamSpeak! TeamSpeak is a free, hassles, and safe way to communicate via voice with us to optimize your satisfaction. To download TeamSpeak, please click the following link and choose the proper application for your computer.


    Unable to or restricted from downloading TeamSpeak. We are also very active on our forums, In the game, and we have a Discord to maximize our amount of communication throughout the network.
    TeamSpeak and Discord will not be used for any support. Please use our forums for any player and staff grievances or any issue you may have.

    Want to become Staff?
    Interested in becoming one of our members of staff?

    As you’ve likely seen in the game, we are looking for staff that is willing to assist in helping cleanse our servers of whatever dwells in the dark side of the internet. Apply by applying right here on our forums.

    When is the reset going to happen?
    We are planning to reset all the maps and inventories on December 4, 2017. However, before the reset, we will be adding a modified shop on December 1, 2017. This is giving you a full weekend to salvage and sell all your items.

    Kind Regards,
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  2. What's with the sad face? I know it's hard sometimes, just we have way too many servers and not enough players to accommodate them.
  3. Haha I'm just dramatic, I knew it would be coming eventually, and I also understand that it is necessary. Keep up the good work!:p
  4. RIP Krieger's Bargain Mart, the longest-surviving base on the servers: one year and seven months.
  5. Hey man I dont know if you know but the pve servers aren't running tje latest version of unturned that would be appreciated thanks
  6. Honsetly so hyped for new pvp maps
  7. Will this reset my quest line? e.g. like from the liberator?
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    thx for the maps its cool.
    will the quest be deleted too? like Paragon and MK2!
    and do we keep our stuff in inventory?? on myslef?
  9. it could be fun to redo all them! including Mega Pirate Zombie
  10. Damn!! nice job, mine was 4 months before some one raided it
  11. I think my base is almost as old as yours Pete. I built mine June last year. Just a months younger than yours.
  12. Quests: Achievements are logged in steam therefore completed quests will remain in your steam profile. Incomplete ones will be lost. Coalition uniforms (actually all XP, inventory, barricades, structures and vehicles) will be lost. :(

    These are fresh server installs with the latest versions of Rocketmod plugins.

    If you're at 249 on your way to Paragon, better hurry and get 250. :p
  13. Oooh nice a wipe! Gona start over and use bits to aid in doing so >:)
  14. Is the shop modified yet? I cant sell my sentries yet
  15. upload_2017-12-3_22-38-22.png
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  16. Selling all my stuff tonight yeeeeeet
  17. I sold all my stuff. Kind of wish this notice would have come earlier.
  18. phew, still have all my stuff, glad I didn't get ahead of myself. Thanks for the update!

  19. oh no, i dont want to do all horde again. still need to do oil field, but i sold everything since you told us the reset
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