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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by SastusBulbas, Apr 4, 2017.

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  1. Sorry if I'm being a little behind here, new player to these servers, but a prelimenary search of this forum when I joined the server showed little information regarding base building, server enforcement IE Anti Grief in place or even what actually counts as storage. All I saw was "Base Rules?" which seems nothing more than a thread closed with someone copy pasting the rules that go into detail regarding why there are limits but could maybe do with a little more detail and example of rules?

    Could the sticky be simplified and made easier for new players to the servers? Maybe a few examples of acceptable builds and storage/lighting/crops?

    Are flares allowed as base lighting devices? Cagelights? How many?

    I'm unsure if your rules equate to a 6 room house, IE 6 roofs, or three floors along, three across, 2 floors high equaling 18 rooms?

    In other servers I have put up parasols and sun loungers with little coolers, water tanks, fuel storage drilling, lighting systems, couches and bookcases, tables etc. But got th efeeling bare minimum was equired here.

    I used 4 floors square, 2 for the garage and 2 the main base with two rooms upstairs = 6 blocks.
    I also used 9 lockers, bed, few flares usually off, and a single planter, but does a planter count as a storage device like a locker, wardrobe, or gun rack would? Could I use a few more planters or does it infringe on my storage? I have the area claimed with the claim flag, a metal sign with names and date house was built, does it need an updated log in date?

    Im guessing an oil derlict cannot be built outside, or large storage tanks?

    Hopefully this is not taken as a compaint or moan, I'm just asking as I see no clear sticky directing new players to the server rules and regulations, where they can clearly see and work out what they are allowed to do.

    I see larger bases than mine, players talking about many planters, so far many players seem to be of a different opinion on acceptable bases.
  2. Wait - You want a sticky to direct new players to a sticky? Hmm... Interesting thought.

    We have sample bases on PvE 7 and 8. The stickied thread "Base rules?" not only lists the rules but answers the questions as to why the rules are in place. Honestly if it's not enough to list the rules and the reasons behind them then I don't think we can help.

    If you're asking if planters are storage, no. Storage is defined as anything that shows as storage when you mouse over it or, as one staff member put it, anything that can hold a candy bar.

    If you want a staff member to inspect your base for compliance just look for us in-game. If a staff member leaves a vioation sign then the violations and a time frame for compliance will be listed on that sign. Every now and then we come along a structure that is just so far over the line we will simply clear it.
  3. Hi, I dont "want" a sticky directing new players to a sticky, I was merely suggesting it would be nice to have an official moderator written sticky instead of sticking a thread discussing unknown unclear base rules. It lacks some guidlines and examples, contains member posts and frivilous details on why the rules exist. Could possibly have been improved or more explanitory for newer players.

    An example that clarifies nothing but infers a severe action, On the PvE servers staff will remove illuminated lighting objects if the owner is not online.

    I could go on but guess it's pointless. There you give an example of bases on PvE 7 & 8, and how I would have known that? Not seen any reference within the forum to these examples, which in itself is rather pointless when an official welcome to the servers rules/guidlines sticky explaining the ins and outs of base size, lighting, crops, use of derelicts, cars, with a few pictures and even explanation of the shop bits and such, could have made new players feel a little more welcome and integration a little simpler.

    I was under the impression the forum was here for the benefit of new players entering the servers and current server users, to make things easier and more pleasant for those players, hopefully not for them to feel an inconvenience.

    The fact that the sticky was a thread created by a player looking for answers on base rules sort of explains the failure of no sticky, making it itself a sticky answers why the thread existed in the 1st place.

    But thankyou anyway for getting back to me, though I feel my point misread or inconvenient.
  4. This is not the first thread about it...
    We need the Rules clearly listed in the rules page. First obvious place to look for an up to date rule is on a page call rules. We can not all see inside the heads of the admins (nor would we want to).
  5. @Thornip: I'll tell Cory to rewrite the forums so the first thing you see is the Unturned rules page. I'm sure he'll jump right on that request.

    It's pretty simple: The forums were meant to support more than one game. Punishment rules apply across all servers so they're linked up top.

    Gameplay rules bases on game and server style are sticked under that particular game. Minecraft isn't up at the moment so that section is emtpy. Unturned is right here buddy. You can find every other area of the forum to post and PM, but you can't find a stickied rule page. I really don't think anyone can help you at this point.
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