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Discussion in 'General' started by leaf, Jun 12, 2016.

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  1. Good Evening JPH Staff

    could one of you direct me to where the new base rules are posted, I'm on PVE2 right now and seeing there are some new limits (etc 10 storage), looking here on I'm not seeing anything (though i could be blind)

    FYI, I'm currently reducing my storage to meet the new requirement in my base "Pine Needle", I had 30 pine crates most of which where empty.

    Also I was seeing posts about base size limits of 3x3x2. my base is currently 3x2x5 and is located by Liberation Bridge on PVE2, any assistance to bringing by base in to compliance is appreciated, and appologies if this information has already been posted.


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  2. Yes these specifications would be nice as well as notifying us that the shop was changed, that was a nice surprise : /
    There are many bases that are extremely huge and pointlessly big, which im sure are filled with lockers, storage crates, and other storage units which are being used to work around the "locker limit". Yukon PVE 5 is filled with trash bases, overly large bases, and extreme aounts of hoarding, as well as vehicle hoarding.Please clean these servers up if/when you can.
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  3. The server messages are scrolling but the specifics are:

    • Plant a claim flag first. We've have too many bases concentrated in little towns. This makes griefing multiple bases very easy as no one can place a claim flag without preventing their neighbor from building or repairing their base.

      The base size goes along with the issue of too many bases clustered together. Loading 30 or 40 bases at the same time lags both the client and server. 3x3x2 square plates was the initial number we came up with to try and keep the servers playable. With the introduction of triangle plates we now count two triangles as equal to one square. You can arrange your base in any shape you wish. If in doubt ask a moderator if it's OK. A 10x10 base is no longer acceptable. Walls, barricades and barbed wire fences that surround bases and towns will be cleared ASAP.

    • Place your floor then your bed. Only structures with a claimed bed are considered bases. One base per group of players. No sharing residency between groups to gain storage space. Garages must be part of the base. They can not be a detached structure. Maximum one vehicle per base/group. Hoarding of vehicles is not allowed. They should be available to players.

    • Place a metal sign on your base listing the owner and all occupants. That lets us know who belongs and who is a griefer. Unmarked bases are considered abandoned within 24~48 hours and will be removed. Again this is with the goal of keeping the server playable for all.

    • Storage/lockers: There is a limit of ten storage units per group/base. The reasons for high ping and players unable to join the server are directly related to the number of items in the barricades file. As the number of storage items grows a defect in game coding causes it to hog server memory. Ultimately the server spends all of its time working with the barricade file without checking on clients. At that point only a full reset fixes the issue. The limit was imposed about two weeks ago after we did testing and verified the problem with the barricades file growing exponentially. We told players, especially on PvE8, to reduce their storage. Most players cooperated but there were a few who kept hoarding items. Two days ago PvE8 had to be reset. Most server resets occur at the 6 to 8 month mark. Looking at server performance -- PvE8 lasted only two months even with forced downsizing. PvE7 will likely die soon. The other PvE servers are showing higher pings everyday. We just cleared a base on PvE2 that had over 60 lockers split between two bases shared by one group. If staff finds a player/base/group that is not following rules and harming server performance by their actions we will clear the issue without warning.

    • Claim your group's one vehicle by placing a metal sign on it listing those in the group. Anyone else caught operating the vehicle without permission will be banned for stealing.

    • You may not build in, upon or attach to any permanent structure in the game. This includes building within or directly over any named town/placement on the map. If the zombies can reach your base then you are considered within town/placement limits.

    • Buildings and objects in or touching the roadway are prohibited.

    • You may not block or restrict access to any item, player, or feast spawns or air drops in any way. Any construction built in or directly over a named town/placement on the map is prohibited. If the zombies can reach your base then you are considered within town/placement limits.

    Change log: Added airdrop locations to the list of prohibited build sites.
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  4. "You may not build in, upon or attach to any permanent structure in the game. This includes building within or directly over any named town/placement on the map."

    So can we place temporary barbed wire on the ground for a place to run to if we get over run by zombies, like at the military base? And pick them up before we leave the area?
  5. That would be an acceptable use, as would temporarily placing a ladder to get to a roof to escape zombies.
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  6. The Fires don't cause nearly as much stress on the server as the insane amounts of pointless hoarding of items in vast amounts of storage units, or the absurdly sized bases housing 1-2 people. Stop with the nonsensical building of such things and hoarding, and such rules wouldn't have to be put in place.
  7. So do wall mounts count to the max storage?
  8. It's a way to 'store' things, so I would assume so, otherwise people will just put up 100 wall mounts to work around the 'locker' limit.
  9. Ok I'm going to close this thread. It was to define the new rules but is going off topic. If there are problems on servers they should be under their own thread. As for the rules: Whether you outgrow your base or the server dies because everyone goes big and hoards... You lose it either way. The rules are to keep the server playable for everyone.

    Campfires and other light sources do not lag the server, however, they kill the framerate for clients when clustered too closely together. On the PvE servers staff will remove illuminated lighting objects if the owner is not online. For Yukon, however, campfires and torches are much needed warmth. We have been clearing excess campfires thoughout the Yukon maps.
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