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Discussion in 'Support' started by Lil'Latios, Jul 9, 2017.

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  1. Hello! Sorry again for the questions, I just want to make sure I don't do anything wrong..

    I was wondering, can we have sentries on our base for PvE maps? (just for looks, since they aren't supposed to hurt any players or anything else on PvE maps.. i'm pretty sure) Also, are we allowed to use horde beacons? Thanks!
  2. Sentries are allowed to be used and you should keep in mind thay sentries count as storage. So if you have 1 sentry then you can only add 9 more storage.

    Horde beacons can be used but you should not an excess of barricades as it could harm the server and the players. You also have to remove the leftovers when you are done. I do strongly encourage players to not do horde beacons and play the game insted since horde beacons are not really "Survival" and more like "Hoarding" a bunch of weapons.

    I hope you got your answer and feel free to ask any other questions under this thread.
  3. Thanks! Sorry for all the questions xwx

    For the base, the max size is 20 cubic units... so one room of one square floor and one square roof along with walls would count as 1 cubic unit, correct? And triangular rooms/ramps would count as 1/2?

    Also, for a balcony, if you place some items on it (ie, a chair, table, stereo, etc), would it count as part of the base's size? or no? (planning to have a 1x1x1 open space for my base). Does the same thing with items on top of the base?

    One last question: I've heard that barricades around the base would be removed ASAP. That would mean anything (from sandbags to tank traps to metal plates) is not allowed to be put around the ground of the base... but could we attach them higher up on the walls, like with a second floor walls (like a planter beside a window) or sandbags around the top of a tower?
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