Mar 11, 2013
  • When you join our server for the first time, You're are Guest on our server. You have access to a few commands, but won't have any direct contact with anyone except for Probie, Moderator, Architect, Mod+, Admin and Owner.

    If you want to be able to build in our worlds (Survival, Mineworld, PVP, Nether and End) - You need to submit a Build Rights application to become Citizen of JustOneMoreBlock.

    Apply for Build Rights:

    However, If you want to just build without applying, We have a creative world setup for Guests and above.

    • Commands
      • /help
      • /list
      • /motd
      • /rules
      • /spawn
      • /tpaccpet or /tpyes
      • /tpdeny or /tpno
      • /register
      • /ch new
      • /mvtp creative
      • /mv who
      • /mv list
    • Additional Permissions
      • Access to Creative World (Build Rights, Not required.)
      • Access to New Chat