Yukon PVE 5 not responding

Discussion in 'Support' started by Karly Bones, Jan 18, 2016.

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    To whom it may concern.
    Within the last few weeks sometime, the Yukon PVE 5 server has stopped working for me.It always shows up on the server last as 1/24 players, and when I select it, it almost fully loads, I hear a sound for a second as if its worked, but then goes back to the main unturned screen and just freezes at 'loading...'. Prior to it not working i had been playing on this server quite often, I wasn't banned, my game is updated and my internet is fine etc, as I have been able to enter other servers perfectly fine. I just checked again before posting to make sure, and this problem is still occurring. I would just like to know if this server has been taken down for any reason, or if its just not working for me or what. I would like to play on this server again as I was doing quite well. Anyways, thanks for reading and (if possible) looking into the problem.

    Cheers, Karly.
  2. It is. Thank you for letting us know :D The staff have now been informed so hopefully it will be up again soon.
  3. We have had many reports on this issue especially with that server.

    My recommendation would be to try out one of our other servers or try again after about an hour when the server has done its reset
  4. Thanks for your response. I have tried out your 'other servers' plenty, I like this one, and like I said, was having fun and making progress until it randomly stopped working. It has not worked the 25+ times i've tried it over the past 3 weeks now, the player count always says 1/24. Try it yourself and see if it works, if it is broken I don't understand why you don't take it offline or off the list until it's fixed. Thanks for your time etc.
  5. It doesn't show up for me at all Karly. That's the main issue I think Is that it shows up for some but not for others. I am sorry that it's not working for you though we are doing our best to see what's causing the issue.
  6. I have been informed by my boss that PVE5 should be fine.

    If it is not working for you feel free to dm me and I will work closely with you to solve the issue.
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