Why The JPH Unturned Servers Really Need a Reset & Other Server Recommendations

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What changes have I stated that you think should be added to the JPH servers? Pick all that apply.

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  1. Full Server Reset

  2. More Server Processing

  3. Shop Updates & Changes

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  1. Hello, its thebestcameraman.

    As Cory said on Sunday he and the staff are considering a map reset on all unturned servers. Personally, I think we really do. Now, some people are saying that they don't want a server reset because they want to keep their bases and their items and stuff but believe me. We need a server reset. I have good items I don't want to lose, I have Bits I want to keep, I have a massive 11-story base I share with others including admins that I spent over 12 hours working on, yet I'm not complaining. I don't care that I'm going to have to rebuild that entire base, regain all my items and experience. Some players are going to care, but a reset has to be done.


    The Main Reason: Lag
    This is a big one. On all of the Unturned servers, there are bases that are raided, blown up, and griefed, which causes more processing from the servers, therefore causing higher pings, slower response times, and lag-outs. Although it would be obvious to just remove these griefed bases, Cory & the staff don't for good measure. They don't know if a griefed base is still occupied or not, and if it is and they do destroy them, the staff have to deal with the players who are PO'd about their bases being completely obliterated. The staff don't want this, so the only option is to leave all the bases intact, including all the griefed ones. Resetting the map will definitely reduce the lag on the servers, and allow people to start fresh, with all areas available to build.

    Possible JPH Network Modifications:
    Besides having lag from too many structures, I feel the servers may not have enough processing power to handle 24 clients connected to the server. Now, I have NO idea on the JPH Network's true processing power nor how it is set up, whether it's a set of servers run at Cory's house or at a company he pays to use their servers. Either way, there are 2 solutions that if Cory wants to do and has the money, dedication, and skill for, its possible for him to do it. The easy solution: give the servers more processing power buy purchasing more. Although this is easy, it's costly. If it's an at-home setup, Cory would need to buy better servers with more processing power. If it's a business setup, he'd have to pay extra money to have better server processing. It's efficient, but definitely not cheap. The Ballsy solution: Remove PVE 6 and divide its processing among the other servers. This means that all the other server gain more processing power from the extra server, and Cory wouldn't need to pay extra for the servers, he'd just have to set up the network just right so the extra server is linked to the other main ones. Now, this is a difficult thing, but it costs no cash out of Cory's pockets. Besides, we don't need 6 PVE servers!

    Fairer shop prices:
    Everyone agrees, the /buy and /sell commands are great. They're helpful in many situations, whether you really badly need food, got mauled by more zombies than you expected, or get shot in the leg and don't have a bandage with you, the shop can quickly present you with Items for your dire situation. However, the shop has some issues with it, such as cloth being 15 bits when you can buy a shirt that gives you 3 cloth for 3 bits, and some things being overpriced, such as night vision being 600 bits, while many guns are cheaper. Cory already has a plan for an updated shop, but even some of those are still costly, such as scrap metal now being 15 bits instead of the original 10, and wooden structures being more expensive than a locker. Cory also hasn't added some of the newer items, such as desert military gear, and some of the new guns & melee weapons. I feel what would really get balanced shop prices is to introduce a little bit of democracy to the situation, and let the staff decide whats a good price for each item. If Cory feels confident, he may even open the votes to the public, allowing them to decide what items should be priced. Either way, the shop needs some further updating and changes.

    Remember everyone, these are suggestions, and my personal point of view on the situations. Don't take my sayings the wrong way on what I have said. I'm not saying the servers & plugins suck, I'm just saying they need some tweaking. Remember, 1st amendment, people!

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  2. I've been to a server where they said they have a "wrecking ball" mod. it lets them delete structures in a wide area. dont know if its true or not.
  3. They used to have an admin gun plugin that silver fox made but they removed it because it caused lag. But they probably did have something like that. Silver fox's would 1-shot any structure, vehicle, ext. Worked like a charm, but lagged the server, so they stopped using it.
  4. or they could have staff go to every visable building and cheek it out then the staff will decide to blow it up or not because most buildings have been greifed. Im prepared to do that myself but sadly the higher up admins have favorites and I am the least favorite so they wont listen to me.
  5. yeah i wouldnt mind doing that... just hand me a ton of grenades and a way to somehow fly around the map :)
    i would take pleasure destroying abandoned stuff
  6. we cant fly but its not hard to build up to the sky bases have a look around and if its being used destroy the stairs
  7. That's what they need, a flying plugin. I've seen before people with fly hacks on other servers so it's definitely possible to make one.

    Also Furball why u call me dumb?
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  8. first off, what happened to the servers? are they down?
    2nd, ive seen some players in JPH servers that could go prone but still move as fast as me when im walking, what's up with that? i thought it was VAC secured.
    3rd, flight or no flight, give me the ability to destroy buildings and ill do it for you guys.
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