We need a report system

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by wolfboy2907, Dec 4, 2015.


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  1. HA YOUR TO LATE FOR OUR LOVE NOW!!! we already have this idea about 55% planned out!
  2. Well I'm not 100% sure how it would work but maybe something like this

    /report <name> <name> <name>

    Because then it will work you can report up to three or maybe four people because all the /report is gonna do is send a message and details of the "grifers" steam account to an admin or moderator but usually it's only one person you'd report so most of the time you'll only need to do is /report <name>
  3. At the moment i do not believe that there is a plugin for that if you do make one feel free to contact us
  4. OMG this has gone onto two pages now
  5. Thanks for the report what server are you on
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