Was in my "house" when someone with remote charge blew it up

Discussion in 'Support' started by lsmith1437, Sep 2, 2016.

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  1. I play at PvE8

    I'm pretty new at this game, and didn't realize how easily someone can ruin things. I have a simple 4 wall house, claim flag, no windows, metal door, that's it.

    I was actually inside my small house at the time when I heard someone place a remote charge of some kind ( didn't know what the beep meant till I just researched and found a youtube video about them), and then they blew up my door and my back wall and floor and all my crates.

    they were invisible, but became visible briefly as they sorted through my spilled crate contents. Before I could snap a shot, they disappeared again.

    they came back one more time to rummage through my stuff before blinking out for good. I never did get a screen shot of the culprit.

    Not sure if I'll come back to the servers after this. Kind of a bummer.

    If I can get some help with this, I might give it another go. Can we remove/forbid items like explosives/remote detonators or whatnot that enable this kind of griefing?

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  2. Wait, they were invisible? And you said they reappeared briefly? Huh.

    Also, as per you not returning to JPH, that is a bummer. But I can tell you this, no matter where you go, you'll be griefed. Unless you want a server that has no fun in it, JPH is the most secure for the enjoyment the players have.
  3. I hope my positive recommendation that we get rid of remote detonators might help. It's a shame there's no hard and fast protections for a claimed area. If the notion was that people could build up a base, have a place for offline items, and be able to graduate up, then griefing erodes that constantly.

    I was hoping to plant passerby accessible planting beds, rain barrels, and a spot to dump all the extra items and clothes I find while wandering. I'm afraid that griefers have knocked be back enough that I can't do that, and question whether I want to invest any more time. It's not about the inevitability of griefers, but the fact that they suck the very joy out of building something up. They may be everywhere on this game or others, but I just can't be where they are. It makes it really hard to get into the spirit of things.
  4. I understand. I might add, however, that we have a shop. You can buy any items for the most part that you may have lost. I've rebuilt 3 times from scratch. It's not fun, and I understand your sorrow. I do hope you consider staying. As for your base, I also suggest a remote location where nobody is and to build it in the sky.
  5. Screenshot the player list, then mouse over the player names to get their steam names. We'll figure out who it is together.
  6. Wish I'd known how to do that, quickly, when it was happening. Frankly I was shocked, and then the guy vanished. reappeared unexpectedly behind me, vanished again. Never got a chance to point at him and get a screenshot. I doubt he'd be back, and even if he did I would have no way to recognize him.

    It's weird, this is all supposed to be make believe and fun, but it really sucks hard core to watch someone blow your stuff up right in front of you and be powerless to stop it. Had the thought to open up on him full-auto but realized there was no point. :- / I haven't even re-closed the house up, I just can't gather the energy to do it. Seeing as there will be no material assistance from the moderators/admins, I've decided to quit for now.

    As for player list, how do you do that? I'll at least let my kid know how to if he needs to.
  7. The player list is to the right of the map
  8. The internet has been pure crap today. The guy might have been disconnected as the ping went up, then spawning back in. Stilll good to get that list of names, gives us people to watch. ;)
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