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  1. I'm not sure how the voting system works on the servers. When I enter the game after voting on one of the two sites. It says [Alert] Server: You have an outstanding reward for your vote on or Like how do you get the kits from the vote? Do you enable something in settings.

    Just questioning how to confirm the vote and get the items from voting ;/
  2. I've seen people get like a builder kit and there would be a notification in chat. Does it not work all the time?
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    type /reward to claim

    you can get 2 rewards at most if you properly link your steam account to the vote server that doesnt require you to login via steam

    they usually take up alot of space if you already have gear, they're more of a starter kit tbh
  4. One kit does offer cargo pants. ;)
  5. Do you pick the kits or are they random?
  6. Randomly.
    You could get a medic kit or a hunter kit.
    Saw one person got them too.
  7. What are in the kits?
  8. oh lol that gif, saw it long ago and had to look for it again, any sauce on that?

    all i've gotten so far are builder, medic, military, farmer, police, and hunter

    not sure if i missed any but thats how much i can remember
  9. yeah but what are in them?
  10. my poor memory is one of my weaknesses lol

    far as im concerned:
    -military knife
    -military vest, top, bottom, helmet

    -construction top, helmet, work jeans

    -ace clips(lol no gun)
    -farmer top, bottom, hat

    -adrenaline, 2 morphine, 2 medkits, 2 dressings
    -medic top, bottom

    -2 dougnuts
    -police top, bottom, hat, (not sure if theres a vest)

    -dem leathers
    -2 8x scopes
    -black cap
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