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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by LovelyChaos, Jul 16, 2016.

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  1. Should we limit the # of cars per person or group? Because I find it stupid that a small group can just lock the cars and horde them, leaving nothing for new/old players.

    (Personally I don't need the cars, I just find it annoying to see them trying to sell the cars in the chat.)
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    there already is a 1 car per group limit, not sure where in the forums but it is there.

    if they're selling makeshift cars in their inventories and not in their base, it shouldnt be a problem

    i personally sell cars since i dont really need them (nor can i hide them) but i usually get them off me before i find another one
  3. One car per base/group. Excess vehicles in a base will be cleared and the entire base may be cleared. It's Moderator discretion but from what I'm seeeing with more and more shared bases, 6 or more cars stockpiled and storage in the 30+ range, the base will be removed from the map by the DemoTeam. Players must realize the rules are there for two reasons: The first is to prevent server crashes that require wiping the entire map. The second is to keep the PvE servers fun to play and give all players some access to vehicles. By Nelson's design the server spawns a limited number of vehicles and once those are locked in garages or replaced by makeshift vehicles, there will be no more. :(
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  4. Ah, well i didn't see that rule since it was buried in all the others. XD
  5. wait, you mean we could just keep blowing up non-helicopters in a map till we get all vehicles in the map into helicopters? (just a thought experiment btw)
  6. Yes. Before gas cans that's exactly how players got the cars they wanted.
  7. Wait so if someone made a whole bunch of makeshift cars they could prevent normal vehicles from spawning?
  8. Onigohri: Yes.
  9. For science purposes, because im not gonna waste time and bits doing this, but how many would there have to be to prevent spawning?
  10. Game vehicles + makeshift vehicles = approximately 28.

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  11. It's annoying me too, i didnt expect it to be in every post is there a way to make it show up in just one?
  12. When it's part of your signature it goes into every post.
  13. I was it expecting to be on only one post per page, which is how it was on other forums ive been on. But it's no problem. I'll find another or make it smaller.
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