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  1. Some servers have a "/vault," which gives you access to a x by x secure storage area. I feel that this could be a good idea on pve servers, to store those items you really want to keep safe. What I would keep in my vault:
    1 Honeybadger with 7x scope
    1 Maplestrike with 16x scope
    1 Alicepack
    1 Military nightvison
    2 Military drums
    1 MRE
    1 Umbrella
    1 Suturekit

    All this can fit in a 6x6 container, the size of a locker.
  2. Or used as a "starter kit," when you die to that invisible zombie.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion I will run it past Cory and update you via this fourm when he tells me his thoughts on it.
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