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Discussion in 'News Archive' started by Cory, Aug 21, 2016.

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    Yeh I also paid for my elite 1month ago and still waiting so.... just saying but the modder: (AXEL) already tried to push forward my upgrade.I understand all the reasons cory can find: he have a job, he have his life maybe a gf but he's still the owner and he have a responsability I mean i'm waiting since 1month and it doesn't seems like cory is hurried to upgrade us (everybody who isnt upgraded) I've checked everyone and cory hasn't upgraded anyone since the 3rd february and in case something go wrong there is my steam id:


    I've paid for elite! thx cory in advance for upgrading me I understand you have a life and less and less and less time for this... :)
  2. I don't know what to tell you. Cory said that all kits are current. Maybe there's an issue in the system for payment or notification. I have no clue since that's all Cory-only access. If you've waited a reasonable time but haven't heard from Cory about your kit's activation I'm at a loss to give you any definite answer.
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    look at the page 4 of the discussion look at the names:
    @Kevin Bonvin

    im not the only one without my kit cory hasnt upgraded the kits since 1month and 1/2 the proofs are there look at the page 4... I don't understand why cory say that all kits are current?!

    thx for your attention :)
  4. Every one of those has been forwarded many times -- time and time again.
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    And they are not upgraded so I can just hope and wait as they do....
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    Omg, I also purchased the elite kit (just recently), hopefully @Cory could see it.
  7. lol goodluck buddy XD
  8. Maybe we could all go to @Cory page and tell him that we have ordered the kits. He should notice them as my notification system works so that might mean that his works as well
  9. yeah it says that he was on 5 days ago and i purchased the kit two weeks ago
  10. I purchased the kit 1month and 2weeks ago...
  11. Wow, a month a two weeks. I hope @Cory could see this.
  12. That sounds like a good plan.
  13. Hi i purchased kit elite 1month 2 weeks ago



  14. Did you get a verification code or activation code? Don't post it here but PM it to me if you did. I'll be talking to Cory tonight.

    BTW, if you really want a refund you do that either through Paypal or your credit card company.
  15. Can i please have your transaction id of payment
  16. @Antoine Durand: Five different conversations going on here and you simply ask "why?" Well, honestly, the only way Chairman or I could verify anything is if we have the transaction code proving payment. If there is a problem with the system we can't see it. A transaction code would give us a starting point to figure out why five players are complaining about not getting kits.

    Cory checked about a month ago and told me all kits are current. Everyone who should have a kit has a kit. Is there a problem with the payment system? We don't know. We can't see any issues here. Asking for one to PM the email verification or transaction ID is really going to be the only way to start backtracking and figuring out why players aren't getting kits.
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    Ok, I'll give mine. To whom I'll send it? Anyway, I'll send to you both.

    EDIT: sent
  18. ok hi
    i now see that i have been upgraded to elite
    thank you very much @{WC}PistolPete for helping out an thank you @Cory for upgrading me
    no longer requesting refund
  19. sorry for getting angry
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