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    It’s time to take JustPlayHere to the next level, and that’s with us introducing the Unturned Store. By purchasing a rank, you have access to individual kits that you can run on a daily basis.

    Buying anything from our store doesn’t give you any special treatment when it comes to violating our rules. If you do something wrong, we will take appropriate action against you. However, we won’t take away your permissions ever. Although, if you’re permanently banned you cannot use them. Make sure you read our license agreement before purchasing a rank our servers.

    We have been around for about two years or so, and we have never asked for donations. However, with the increasing player base and additional maps being introduced, we have taken this step in hopes people will support their community.

    Funds would go for paying for servers, website maintenance, development, advertising, Cory’s Tim Horton’s Iced Capp addiction and TeddyBear addiction. :)

    Without further ado;
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  2. I've wanted to give you money for like a month now. <3
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  3. I love the reward system of donating to keep something you love living. I think if you get enough funds you should make a fully open public minecraft server like faction or a simple game mode not requiring major server resources!
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  4. Minecraft is already in the plans. However, we wanted an established community as Minecraft servers can become diluted.

    We would purchase additional servers (dedicated) to support it. So, resources won't be an issue.
    Personally, don't like faction servers. I'm not sure if we will implement this, and if we do it wouldn't be some "OP Factions" server.
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  5. checking out Unturned see a bunch of JustPlayHere servers look at the website and look who I find!
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  6. Hey Chris. :p
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  7. yoo wadup fellow tim hortans lover but cant lie the iced coffee there is much better then the iced capp
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  8. i
    ment to buy elite not pro plz help
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  9. The store interface is a bit unclear just FYI, it shows 'mod' at the lowest price point, the pro tier as well, but no third (elite) tier.
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  10. Message me and we can get that sorted for you.

    This was removed as it wasn't suppose to be enabled.
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  11. Upon buying a package about how long does it take to go in effect?
  12. It's normally instant as soon as it's paid.

    - Buy Rank
    - As long as you're logged into Steam our system will recognize it.

    In your case, I think there might be some bug that might not like your username or something. I'll look into this further for any future orders or possibly other potential buyers with similar usernames.

    Kind Regards,
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  13. hi Cory I have bean on Add to justplayhere for about 2 years I just made a new account because my other account got banned by me raiding I know I was acting alittle stupid but anyays I did not raid I was just killing zobies about to kill a mega but I just got banned please reply as soon as possible thank you
  14. This isnt the thread to talk about this. Make a ban appeal.
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    How long does it take before the rank takes effect? I purchased Pro last night and nothing has happened?

    Edit: I just read what you posted to someone previously. I am not sure what happened, but it didn't go instantly for me..
  17. Fixed.
  18. I have plus now, but I donated 10 for Pro :(
  19. fixed
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