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Discussion in 'Rejected' started by Darkthor, Sep 4, 2014.

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    Codyfender16 is destroying everything on the map, because he raged.
    He raided my house, destroyed my chests, and left me without equipment.
    lost an alice,a ruksack(yes,i had 2 of those), a pickaxe,axe,sledgehammer, an outfield with 6x and silencer, desert armor,2xnato ammo,swift ammo, silenced holo colt....all the stuff i had gathered in 5 days, he took it...including basic stuff like cooked meat and a canteen....and he had rucksack also,and NV. I mean....i dont get it.

    There really needs to be a no-destruction rule on the server and stuff should be unbreakable...everyone is griefing and raiding everyone. its not fair.
  2. Please include proof that this happened. Video is always preferred.
  3. One issue with making everything unbreakable is that if anyone makes a mistake in their own building, or if a base has been abandoned by either the community or a player, it cannot be fixed/destroyed. The option there would be to make it so that destruction is only available to those who placed the object, but from another area of the forum with this very suggestion having been discussed, it would seem as though this option does not currently have a tool in existence to allow for such an answer.

    Right now, just don't get too attached to your things. That's all they are. I try to keep what's really important to me in my personal inventory. Everything else is expendable, even if not easily obtainable.
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