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Would you mind if we reset your player inventory?

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  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. The sever might be down for maintiance
  2. No you do not need to be White listed.

    If your game said authentication Invalid or something like that then what you need to do is restart your game and in some cases restart your steam.

    If it says that you have been banned then you can fill out a Ban Appeal form which will be looked at by a Moderator and we will figure out who banned you and for what reason.

    If it says the server lost your connection then that means our servers were doing their hourly restart, Once the servers restart you can easily join which may take a few minutes.

    If you have any other problems feel free to message me or find a staff member on Team Speak 3 as there is usually a staff member active on there.
  3. I would join the demolition team on unturned but pls dont reset maps. I can help clearing it of abandonned sturctures.

    yours faithfully

  4. Demos teams are for moderators only sorry, we have already reset the server.
  5. whats the ip????
  6. To get on our team speak3 server you need to click connect and where it says IP just type JustPlayHere.com
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