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Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Hank Hill, Jul 15, 2016.

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  1. Howdy. I'm Hank Hill. I live in the great state of Texas. Most of you have probably heard of me. Because I sell one of the greatest things known to America- propane. Propane to go along with your grill. The end result is the most mouth watering tasty cut of meat you've ever had, but- only medium rare. If you like your meat well done, you can leave. Politely.

    Okay, outside of that, I'm relatively new to Unturned- but I've got the basics down. It shares similarities to Minecraft in its playstyle. I play on PvE8 and I'm trying to accumulate enough bits to where I can get a startup going on other servers in a different location. You'll usually find me on and off most of the time. I like to help people when I can, which usually consists of item ID's for the shop. Stop by and say hi some time!


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  2. Hank Hill for president 2020
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  3. [​IMG]

    I'm Hank Hill, and I approve this message.
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  4. I believe the same person that keeps griefing your place just griefed mine and stole all my metal wardrobes and blew up my walls.
  5. Most likely. I filed a ban request. I suggest you make your own. They've been doing it to everyone.
  6. Already did its under the forum of Griefed.
  7. Good on you. If you want help building a skybase let me know.
  8. Al
    Alright but how do you get into the skybase? Lol
  9. Claim a bed inside it. /home
  10. Griefer plates. :(
  11. Griefer plates?
  12. The path of hundreds upon hundreds of small wooden plates, erected by griefers, that extends to a skybase. I think the longest one I saw was almost a thousand plates in a spiral. The server crashed two days later from all of the plates.
  13. Ohhh. I was confused why you mentioned that.
  14. i wonder what if the griefer did all the "plates thingy" and already found the base raided , lmaooo.
  15. We have used bait bases before. ;) :p
  16. Oh man, they'd have to use so many just to get to the ceiling.. and it'd take forever
  17. By the way are non-mods aloud to destroy those if we find them?
  18. it's not that hard for them since there is another method to grief bases which i cant say in order other noob griefers dont know it
  19. Oni means the ceiling of the map. ;)
  20. i know lol, ijust cant explain without saying the secret xD
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