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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by darkarcher1, Dec 14, 2015.

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  1. this is a add on to my tpa one so then you could vote:) but yeah in case you didint see my one about tpa ill just say it here so this is a vote for them to add tpa and i think it will make it easy for friends to meet up intead of your friend having to get over to you and keep dying so yeah please vote if you want it or not thank you all for your time:D
  2. TPA for players has been talked about in a few staff meetings how ever for now we are looking at other plugins that you will see in affect very soon.
  3. What the hell is TPA?
  4. TPA mean teleport so what they want us for the players to be able to teleport to each other. At the moment staff members are the only ones with that ability.
  5. TBH I think it should not be added as griefing may increase with people being able to warp to their friends in seconds. (I may be late on this but just my pov)
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  6. tpa would alow the server to gain popularity but i can tell you for a fact justplayhere servers will never be the same and there would be and insane ammount of griefiers.
  7. Nice necropost.

    It's safe where I am. Teleport to me. What I didn't say is I'm on the smallest plate ever above a full moon spawn or horde generator spawn--so don't move or you'll fall off and I'll collect your goodies.

    There are many other ways to abuse teleporting. Never had tpa, never will.
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