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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Officer Hodor, Nov 13, 2014.


Shall we have the purge(pls reply for the day and timing)



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  1. This post if for the Unturned PVE server.i think we should have a day(voted by players) for a certain time (voted by players) where the server restarts and PVP is turned on and all rules are revoked. Just like the movie "The Purge". So as to cleanse out souls as a time where we can be ourselves and for this i thank the new founding fathers. lol. i haven't found any server that does this but if JustOneMoreBlock has the purge, i would recommend it to all my friends and even advertise it on youtube. I'm just trying to make the server popular and have more people sign up. I hope you will look into this and have a unique server that is different from every other server.This will make any server the best, i promise. pls look into this.
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  2. Well Hodor,
    seeing that already two of the players on this server catched you while you were griefing several bases (see the links below), I hardly believe that
    (1) anybody of us would like to know your friends who you want to invite to this server and
    (2) anybody wants to play with you on the same server!
    You ruined the game of so many other players, so I hope that the admins of this server will react soon and remove you from the whitelist!
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  3. please do. i aint asking for forgiving. what i did is unforgivable. this is merely a suggestion for the server to be popular...*****
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  4. LOL busted.
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