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Discussion in 'Introduction' started by You_just, Oct 4, 2016.

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  1. I've been playing JPH for a while now, but hey look, there's a section to post an introduction about yourself! Usually I'm a pro lurker but I feel social today.
    So my name's You_just. I mainly play PvE9 but will probably start doing some PvP in a while. You can find me either doing horde beacons, whining about my lost desert Ural (his name is Roger- have you seen him??), or going around shooting an Ekho for no apparent reason.
    Fun facts about me:
    -The first time I ever got a Hell's Fury in this game I had it for about six minutes before I accidentally salvaged it. rip

    -My dream is to get a helicopter *coughcoughhewancoughcough*, deck it out with armor and lockers and then live in it. I tried it with an Ural but he was stolen. (srsly, if you see Roger anywhere drop me a line, kthxbye)

    My favorite guns are the Honeybadger and the Matamorez, because they're suppressed so you don't need to carry a knife.

    that is all
    maybe I'll see you around
    k bye
  2. You use to be on 4. You've been gone for so long.
  3. Yeah. ;-; Back then I didn't know the rules and made this horridly huge base that got demolitioned. After that me and Azeris Zakuro (who had recently gotten raided) decided to move to the Russia map, which had come out that day. We were on PvE10 for a while, but then Azeris left ;-; After that I had a short hiatus, and during this hiatus everyone left the server, so I switched to PvE9.
    I still come by PvE4 sometimes, just to mess around. I never seem to see anyone though ;-;
  4. PvE4, unite! :)
  5. Vive la revolution!
    Remember me when you conquer the world ;-)
    In other news, Hank, you're from Arlington- I am too! Arlingtonites (?) unite!
  6. I remember pve4, It was glooming with everyone.
  7. Welcome to the server.
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