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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Nildrak, Jan 10, 2016.


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  1. Something I've noticed that happens frequently, is that people will mass-suicide until they respawn at a certain point. It's honestly quite annoying, and a bit of a game-breaking thing, because they can just suicide as often as they want until they find a spot where they like.

    One way to combat this, without removing the function, could be to put a 'fee' on it.

    For example: If I were to die, not respawn where I like, then suicide, I would lose 100bits.

    It's not a complete preventative, especially against those with massive amounts of bits stored up, however this seems like it may prevent a large amount of suicide-hopping.
  2. I think in my opinion it's not a big deal because how will you know if that player have been respawning so many time for a certain location. And you have to be a friend to know that
  3. Well there's a suicide penalty on Already it takes a few times to get it high but it gets higher an higher so really there is a little price to pay and it also says everyone is disappointed in you lol
  4. I believe that there is an anti suicide punishment (don't quote me on this). But with a few of our plugins down it ma of been disabled.
  5. Not on PVE but on PVP there is when ever you try to suicdie you just respawn at the same spawn point you were at
  6. Trying to play with a friend is fresh spawn friend spawns 9 million light years away
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  7. That's not true, I tried this once I read it, and it respawned me in different locations almost every time, with only a few times respawning in the same location.
  8. hmm... Maybe JPH is messing with me -.- becasue everytime I do it it respawn a me in the same spot and after awhile you get a warning for it =/
  9. I believe that the solution to your problem is to not suicide.
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