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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by bossbot231gaming, Aug 23, 2015.

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  1. We need an shop update cause all the items that aren't in shop are being black-marketed for ridiculous prices

    Example : 1xmatamorez >MAG< sold for 100 bits!
  2. and also the guns in the new update, we are having a hard time finding them
    Sharpshooters r hav low range than snipers so pls make them 700 bits only or 650, example: Snayperskya, Sabertooth
  3. I agree, been killing mega zombie after mega zombie for an Avenger, no luck. Would pay thousands for one at this point:)
  4. avengers are so common i have like 10
  5. Not in the Yukon they aren't xD no avengers to be seen.
    Besides the hulk, in off limits
    I'm funny
  6. im dieing to get a Heartbreaker and a Sabertooth
  7. same here man i havent seen one yet
  8. idk where did Nelson make them spawn at, it must be military locations, BUT we havnt seen it , also we havnt got any from Megas
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