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Discussion in 'Support' started by Tactical Loli, Jun 30, 2016.

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  1. what about items u have to find to craft stuff like eggs and milk or maple syrup tbh i think all stuff like that should be in the shop maybe 20 bits
  2. 50 bits! Also what's with zombos being worth 10 now?
  3. Double-bits weekend! :)
  4. oh, so this will expire soon? mega zombies giving 500 bits, starter players getting 15k?

    1 bit per bullet, and 1 is the minimum to kill anything worth 10 bits (2 if crawler)
  5. Has been longer than a single weekend. I like the idea of mega being more than 10 bits tho.
  6. Actually when I first started playing on the JPH servers it was 10 bits per zombie and the mega didn't yet exist. That changed around September 2015 when everything dropped to 5 bits. When the mega was introduced he was now the 10 bit winner.

    Kinda cheapens my balance since almost everything I have was from the 5 bit zombie range of grinding.
  7. So the 10 bit is perminant now?
  8. #askcory
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  9. Normal Zombie Price is going to go back down to 10 Bits on Weekdays.
    Mega Zombie we are thinking 250 Bits.

    Problem is that it's not automated and therefore I don't always update in time. :(
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  10. I meant "back down to 5 Bits".
  11. So wait are u making weekends special for farming bits cause i would love to know
  12. This is supposed to be the much-asked-for double bits weekend thing. I know Cory can find a way to automate it. Until then enjoy the extra bits!
  13. dem beacons for bit farming

    btw, any chance of getting the ability to "buy" vehicles by spawning them for ridiculous amounts of bits? say 10k - 50k depending on which vehicle?
  14. This idea though. You would have to get an actual mod to spawn it in if they even considered this.
  15. there already is a mod for that i believe, however, i do believe this isnt the first time anyone's asked for vehicle spawning but i have no idea as to what transpired then
  16. If you grab some high tier vehicles like apc's, tanks etc people will accually buy them of you for a high price ive been doing it lately and its works :)
  17. oh btw, any chance of getting bits for killing bears and wolves in yukon?
  18. side note shop -has- been updated just tonight, got a few qualms about it but incase you hadn't seen ;)
  19. If we keep yukon, lol
  20. yea, i just noticed earlier, btw, considering that grizzly, dragonfang and nykorev were out of the shop for griefing reasons before, why's hell's fury in the shop?

    edit: theres also this ekho as well
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