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Discussion in 'Support' started by Tactical Loli, Jun 30, 2016.

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  1. pretty much an open thread for anyone to post in, post the item you'd want and reason and price for each and reason for the pricing

    item: gasmask
    reason: i read that it would only be available to the new upcoming map
    cost: 1000 bits, because its meant to be end game stuff
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  2. I hope he means on the Arena maps -- as in they would ultimately close down to/become deadzones as the circle shrinks.
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  3. you mean, you could change what can be bought in pve, pvp, and arena maps? how about specific maps, like you can purchase a campfire in yukon but not in PEI?

    well, i meant pve though
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  4. 10k would be a nicer number for end game.
  5. 10k? Well I guess that number could be that. A bit high but what ever. Maybe 7-8k.
    I dunno
  6. how about 20k?
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    Orrrrrrrrrrrrrr, we could use biohazard hoods.

    0_0 mind blown

    It does the same thing as a gasmask, you just can't repair it. On washington with a gasmask/bio hood at 100, you can make 10ish runs into the ufo and get everything before you start taking rad damage.

    Hockey mask
    Price: 500 bits
    To look dank in pvp when ur running around chainsawing everyone

    Price: 200
    Cuz some ppl don't like green

    Price: 1k
    Underwater bases
  8. You can buy the components to make that.
  9. Time is money. My money. you wouldnt care bc you have 100k+
  10. :>
  11. It's more about playing the game than being a welfare handout receiver. Many times Nelson's updates and Rocketmod's plugins don't get along right after the updates. Oh the tears when the shop is down because no one knows how to craft a campfire. The lastest update to the shop removed a lot of craftable items because the players should simply be crafting them.
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  12. This is a good point.
    A good way to keep players playing Is to prevent them from just being able to buy anything they want. If I hoard bits (and not even that many) I can just go on a server and buy every resource I need to be "endgame" if there is an endgame.

    Although, that hockey mask WOULD be nice.
  13. Theres a difference between hoarding bits and just saving them up?
  14. i've only ever spent on blood bags and mre in yukon, and yes a whole load of ammo

    i sometimes wonder how people spend thousands of bits and not earn it back
  15. I only spend it on food and id 17. Occatinally ill drop a sorry sap a colt and if i like their skin a suppressor. But other than that i dont really use it.
  16. I really wouldn't say that you can hoard bits unless you've found a way to exploit the uEconomy. We've made several changes to the shop and more are forthcoming since Nelson's added like 136456137845689361456813786104 more worthless items to the game.
  17. any new items arent usually sellable to the shop till you guys make it so

    i mean, i still cant sell stealy wheely for a high price in shop
  18. That's kinda weird ;C It's ovbious that you shouldn't be able to buy a stealy wheely. Why can't you sell it still?
  19. We haven't had time to update the shop with all of the new additions from Nelson.
  20. I have no clue either other than they haven't really learned how to survive in single player hard mode. The exception is Yukon. That's just a nasty map.
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