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    Hello! This thread is about many things concerning JustPlayHere such as: General Server Rules, Base Rules and some other things too.

    When playing on our servers we do not allow players to cluster bases together or store junk items such as empty magazines in storage. It creates lag that will get worse to the point where the server will need a reset because everyone will glitch and crash. Spread out your bases, do not create excessive barricades and don't store junk.

    Staff strictly enforce base rules. Violations will be cleared on sight. This has been put in place to prevent the servers from needing to be reset often.

    If you are new or a regular player I hope you find this helpful to learn more about our servers and the forums!

    Before you start scrolling down please take note that staff do not joke about the rules. If staff ask you to take care of an issue please do so immediately.


    Here is a list of topics which will be spoken about in more detail.

    General Server Rules

    Base, Storage and Vehicle Rules

    How to Play



    Tips & Tricks

    Reporting Rule Breakers

    Reporting Staff


    Lets begin!

    General Server Rules

    We would like to explain our server rules. Unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated. Also our primary language on our servers is English so if you wish to have a conversation in another language please do so in group chat or /pm.

    Hacking or cheating will result in a permanent ban.

    Using another account to access the servers while a ban is current will be classed as ban evasion and will also result in a permanent ban.

    Ignoring staff requests or server rules can result in a ban.

    Square brackets around prefix tags are reserved for staff on our servers. If you have square brackets on your prefix and are not staff, you need to change the brackets.

    Under no circumstances are players allowed to enter other players bases unless they are grouped or the owner of the base is online and at that base.

    Player-placed items, to include structures, are subject to decay. Nelson built this into the game on 5 Feb 2016. The owner of an item/structure or an active group member must log in within a seven day period or the game will automatically despawn the item.

    Gameplay on PvE: On our PvE servers we have strict no griefing or stealing rules. If you feel that these rules are unfair please feel free to play on our PvP servers.

    Stripping vehicles of fuel, tires or batteries or destroying unlocked vehicles on the PvE servers can result in a ban. There are a limited number of vehicles on the map and it deprives other players of their use.

    Gameplay on PvP: On our PvP servers you are allowed to attack, destroy and steal from other players' bases and vehicles.

    Unacceptable Behavior: What would class as unacceptable behavior? Well that would be Chat Trolling, Stalking, Doxing and Threatening. If we catch you doing such things you will be punished and depending on how extreme the situation is, that will decide what punishment you will be serving.

    Here are some examples:

    Chat Trolling:OMG everyone did you know mods will ban you for saying your opinion!

    Threatening:If you don’t pay for my kit I will find where you live.

    Stalking:Nice pictures on Facebook! Took me a while to find you on there.

    Doxing:Hey guys! Did you know this player lives at 23 Something Lane Florida? It says so on their Facebook page.

    Just to be completely crystal clear, targeting staff or players will result in a permanent ban. That type of behaviour is disgusting and as a result you will be deemed not safe to be in this community.

    If you can’t play fairly with others you need to reconsider playing on public servers.

    New additions to our server rules:
    "Organized griefing/stealing is when we catch multiple players, acting together, griefing/stealing. This will be a permanent ban." - Chairman, 24th August 2017

    "The Horde Beacon can only be placed once every 15 minutes and the loot is public." -Chairman, 24th August 2017

    Base, Storage and Vehicle Rules

    The server has scrolling messages which tell you about the base rules but here they are in better detail.

    One base per group. Group-hopping to gain access to extra storage or vehicles is considered an exploit and is prohibited.

    Note that bases can not be given away, bought or sold. Whoever places a structural panel in a base remains owner of that panel until it is salvaged, decays or is destroyed. This is why the owner of the base must place a claim flag before he or she builds. /buy 1158 for the claim flag. "Giving away" or selling bases is considered scamming, a bannable offense, for this reason.

    Bases must be closed off to outsiders.
    *** Open rooftops and ramps/stairs to rooftops do not qualify as closed off. ***

    Claim Flags: Place a claim flag first. Claim flags inside the base are required. Clustered bases cause performance problems for players when too many structures have to load at once. Structures without claim flags are subject to removal by the DemoTeam. Concealing claim flags in trees is considered an exploit.

    Basics: Place your floor and then your bed. Only structures with a claimed bed are considered bases. One base per group of players. Sharing residency between groups to gain storage space is prohibited. A metal sign or metal placard listing the in-game (screen) names of all group members is required. Detached garages or other structures are prohibited. There is a maximum one vehicle per base/group. Hoarding of vehicles is not allowed. They should be available to players.

    Base Size: The base size goes along with the issue of too many bases clustered together. Loading 30 or 40 bases at the same time lags both the client and server. 3x3x2 square plates was the initial number we came up with to try and keep the servers playable. With the introduction of triangle plates we now count two triangles as equal to one square, our limit is 20 cubic units. You can arrange your base in any shape you wish. If in doubt ask a moderator if it's OK. A 10x10 base is no longer acceptable. Walls, barricades and barbed wire fences that surround bases and towns will be cleared ASAP. Ramps used as roof panels count as 1/2 of a cubic unit.

    So just to be clear:
    1 square = 1 cubic unit
    1 triangle = 1/2 cubic unit
    1 ramp (used as roof panel) = 1/2 cubic unit

    Metal Signs/Placards: Place a metal sign or metal placard on your base listing the owner and all group members. That lets us know who belongs and who is a griefer. Unmarked bases are subject to removal by the DemoTeam. Again this is with the goal of keeping the server playable for all.

    Storage/lockers: All types of storage count toward the total limit of ten storage units per group/base. The reasons for high ping and players' inability to join the server are directly related to the number of items in the barricades file. As the number of storage items grows a defect in game coding causes it to hog server memory. Ultimately the server spends all of its time working with the barricade file without checking on clients. At that point only a full reset fixes the issue. If staff finds a player/base/group that is not following rules and harming server performance by their actions we will clear the issue without warning.

    Vehicle Claiming: There is a limit of one vehicle per base/group. Staff will remove all vehicles involved if a player or group has more than the one allotted vehicle.

    A vehicle is claimed by placing a metal sign or metal placard on it listing all group members by in-game (screen) name. Anyone else caught operating the vehicle without permission will be banned for stealing (PvE servers only). Staff will clear locked or derelict vehicles without a metal sign or metal placard.

    Never should a player attempt to destroy or unlock an unmarked locked vehicle as it could be evidence that staff can use or in the process of being claimed. Feel free to report any if sighted through private message to staff.

    As of Nelson's 5 April 2018 game patch, vehicles left in safezones on Russia and France unlock automatically after one hour. Parking a vehicle in a safezone thinking it's protected may result in another player using it or it's removal by staff.

    Town Limits and Permanent Structures: You may not build in, upon or attach to any permanent structure in the game. This includes building within or directly over any named town/placement on the map. You may not block any spawn points such as items, animals, airdrop or feasts. If the zombies can reach your base then you are considered within town/placement limits. Building on or under permanent game bridges is also prohibited.

    Roadways: Buildings and objects on, touching or above the roadway, no matter the height, are prohibited.

    Waterways: Anything blocking a waterway will be removed on sight. This includes player-built bridges.

    Airdrops and Feasts: You may not block or restrict access to any item, player, or feast spawns or air drops in any way. Any construction built in or directly over a named town/placement on the map is prohibited, no matter the height of the construction.

    How to Play

    Just got Unturned and found our server? Not sure what exactly is going on and how to actually survive? That's okay this should help.

    So after completing Nelson's tutorial it's time to actually play!

    Time to tell you a bit about our server, JustPlayHere has several plugins to make the gaming experience for players even better.

    We have kits which are bought with real life money that can give you a number of items depending on which kit you buy.
    We have an in-game store that allows you to buy a number of items to help you in-game. Our currency in-game is 'bits'. To get bits you can sell things to the in-game store or to players or by killing zombies. Bits cannot be bought using real life money.
    You can do
    /balance and that will tell you how many bits you have.

    If you claim a cot or a bedroll you can do
    /home and that will take you back to that cot or bedroll.

    If you are new to our server you get 1000 bits to start you off. Your balance goes across all of our PvP and PvE servers. With 1000 bits you can easily afford a gun, ammo, some food and water. For experience I suggest chopping trees. It might be slow but thats a good place to start if you don't want to make contact with any zombies. If you are feeling risky then go kill some zombies. Just keep your distance and be careful.

    What gun is the best one to buy? All guns are pretty good. It all depends whether you like it or not. I personally prefer a Bluntforce. It can kill a zombie in one shot at close range, but that's just my choice in weaponry. Also I do suggest not buying the most expensive gun, any gun has the capability to kill so why not get something cheap and get some quick bits from zombies.

    Come across clothing that you don't need? Always take it, that can be broken down into cloth and used to make bandages to heal yourself.

    You have the experience but where to put it all? After chopping some trees or killing some creatures you'll realise that you gain experience which can be used to put into your skills, eventually if you play long enough you can max out all the skills but which skills are the most important when you've just started?

    Well I would say survival (located in the defense) section would be one of the most important since it slows down your hunger and thirst needs, cardio and exercise (located in offense) are useful too since cardio can allow you to regenerate your stamina quicker and exercise slows down the stamina bar so you can run longer.

    Healing (located in support) can make your items such as bandages be more effective by healing a higher percentage of your health. And then there's sneakybeaky (located in defense) which slows zombies' alerting to the player.

    Those to me are the most important, it's up to you what skills you think would help you survive when you first join.

    See items on the floor but don't need them? Pick them up! You may not need them but you can sell them They may give a small amount of bits but bits are bits! Who wouldn't want more than they currently have?


    Lets explain the types of shop we have.

    Store: This is the place where you can look at what kits we have which is used on our servers and exactly what do they give. So far we have
    PLUS, PRO and ELITE each of them can give you in-game items on both of our PvP and PvE servers. But they don't just give you cool items they have plenty of perks too which are all listed on the store page.

    In-game Store: The in-game store allows you to buy items whilst on our server using our currency which is 'bits'. Every 15 minutes the server will pay you in bits for playing, depending on if and which kit you have the payment varies.

    Here is the list of commands that are connected to the in-game store along with examples:

    /buy 113 6 or /buy "12 gauge" 6
    (note that this gives you six 8-packs of shells)

    /sell 140 2 or /sell "butterfly knife" 2
    /cost 83
    or /cost "chocolate bar"

    Remember: Our staff do not 'reimburse' items or spawn in items/vehicles for players along with compensating using in-game currency.

    Click Store or In-game Store to be taken to their page.


    Free stuff on the servers? When and where?

    Feasts: They happen on both our PvE and PvP servers at random locations on the map. They spawn in a certain place in the area that the server announces which you must find. Feasts can give a range of different items that can be useful such as food/water, ammo and weapons.

    Airdrops: Airdrops can also be found on our PvE and PvP servers. The locations of these airdrops will be located in the links below. They hold rare weapons and ammo. Airdrops are not as common as our feasts.


    Horde Beacons: Players are able to make horde beacons and buy them from other players, they attract a horde of zombies which must be killed in order to gain rare weaponry. Horde beacons can only be placed within town limits.

    Remember: Continuously using horde beacons back to back is against servers rules. It is considered exploiting because they prevent new players from entering towns and accessing spawns and are being farmed by players.

    Tips & Tricks

    Some tips & tricks that might be useful to you.

    Hotkeys: The numbers 3-9 and zero can be used to get quick access for items like bandages, medications, food and drink. All you have to do in your inventory is right click on the item and press which ever number you want to bind it with. You don't need to risk your life looking through your inventory! You cannot bind with numbers 1 & 2 since they are designated weapon hotkeys. Weapons can not be bound using 3-9.

    More to come!

    Reporting Rule Breakers

    Found someone on our servers breaking the rules, no staff online and not sure how to report it? Then this is the section for you!

    What ever you may be reporting we need evidence such as screenshots or videos. What makes them valid?
    We need original screenshots. Their filename includes a date and timestamp. Screenshots need to be uploaded to the forums. Steam cloud and other hosting sites change the filename.
    The screenshot(s) or video must show offenders name along with player list that shows their steam name.

    Step by Step Guide

    So you were on one of JustPlayHere’s servers and know the rules well but found someone not abiding by them. What do you do? Well first off either get screenshots or record them. That will count as your evidence. Get their steam profile. This can be done by going onto the map and clicking on the player's name.

    Remember: Just because a player says in chat “I just stole a car” doesn't mean they actually did. I can easily say I’ve stolen a vehicle but where is the truth in my words?

    For chat to be used as evidence it has to be a chat offense that is being reported.

    Once you have all your evidence together go on to our website and log in to your account. If you do not already have an account with us please register. Use a decent email provider for your signup. Some lesser or free providers will block the verification response.

    Now log in, click on the Forums tab and a list will appear. You are looking for a subtitle named 'Banned Requests'. Click on that and then click on 'Report a player'.

    Time to fill out the form. You may think “What’s a SteamID64?” Well that is a 17 digit code usually beginning with 76561198.. I usually find it on the players’ Steam profile where the link is.

    Once you reach the long text box at the end of the form that is where you put your screenshots/videos which is your evidence.

    Once happy with your ban request click Submit.
    Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to make a ban request. A staff member will review it soon.

    Reporting Staff

    Uh-oh! One of our staff abusing their power? Not sure what to do? Here's what to do and what to look out for.

    Staff are here to help you when ever you need them, but there comes a line between helping and aiding.

    Staff should
    never be teleporting players around the map for no real reason. Teleporting your friends to your skybase because they were offline when you built it is not a good reason.

    Staff should
    never overlook players breaking the rules even if they are friends.

    Staff should
    never be in god mode without being in vanish on our PvP and Arena servers or using their powers to their advantage to kill players.

    Staff should
    always help if a situation has arisen within the server and not ignore or refuse to handle it. Give them time to respond as they may be busy with another issue.

    Disagree or annoyed? Not a reason to report.

    As much as you may disagree or be annoyed with a staff member's decision in a situation it is not a reason to report them. Our rules guidelines clearly state we can use our own judgement when enforcing the rules, "
    Staff also can use their own judgement when handling situations regarding our rules."

    Remember: Don't report staff in the ban requests area. It will be removed.

    If you catch staff abusing their power or not doing their job please report it to the senior staff. They handle any staff issues.

    Senior Staff:
    {WC}PistolPete & Georgia

    To recognise who is staff we have a specific tag and chat colour:
    [Owner] = Dark red
    [Admin] = Dark green
    [Sr. Mod] = Dark blue
    [Mod] & [DemoTeam] = Orange
    [Jr. Mod] = Light blue

    Some players have kits which changes their chat colours but this doesn't mean that they are staff on our servers, here are the tags and chat colours our kits have:

    [Elite] = Light pinkish red
    [Pro] = Green
    [Plus] = Yellow


    Who are the DemoTeam and what do they do? Lets find out.

    The DemoTeam are a small group of staff, who are they?

    Here is a list of the members in the DemoTeam:

    {WC}PistolPete, Georgia, Hanji Zoë

    They help keep the servers running by removing anything harmful such as:
    Unwanted/abandoned stuff,
    plates, barricades, wiring, excessive lighting. Excess of any item that can and will be harmful to the server's performance. Harming the server performance by using lots of barricades will lead to a ban.

    Players cannot apply to become part of the DemoTeam.

    Clear Violations of Server Rules:

    Building within town limits or zombie range - Prohibited.

    Base Size - 20 cubic units, balconies do not count if they have no roof, are small and defined by posts and ramparts.

    Metal Signs/Placards - Base and vehicle must have 1 or more metal signs or metal placards stating occupants in an easily visible location.

    Claim flags - Must have 1 or more claim flags inside base.

    Storage Limit - 10 storage units. Storage on a vehicle counts, "If it can hold a candy bar it counts." by {WC}PistolPete.

    Vehicle Hoarding - 1 vehicle per group. If you're not in a group you are still allowed only one vehicle. Continuously going around the map and depriving players of vehicles by destroying them, locking more than one or removing batteries and tires so they are unusable is prohibited.
    Vehicles within the safe zone will be removed.
    Staff will remove all vehicles involved and ban if a player or group is found to be in violation.

    Blocking spawns or resources - Prohibited.

    Please make sure your base meets our criteria.

    Remember: Warnings are a courtesy, not a requirement.

    Violations can and will be cleared on sight. This can include base removal if there are multiple violations.

    Bases missing any requirement, in a state of disrepair or missing walls/floors/roof panels will be cleared as derelict or abandoned.

    Temporary bridges are permitted as long as they are not blocking waterways or built over roadways. Once a vehicle is removed from an island requiring a bridge (such as Rainbridge) the bridge must be removed. A map full of bridges will lag horribly.

    I hope you found this helpful! Feel free to contact Georgia or {WC}PistolPete if you feel this guide is missing something, something is out of date or you have something in mind that should be added.

    Created by: Georgia & {WC}PistolPete

    Note: This post will be updated by Georgia or {WC}PistolPete if something has changed.
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