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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by 400ppm, Jun 30, 2016.

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  1. Hello friends,

    I've been playing a little on your PvE8 server and like the playing atmosphere with attentive admins. I have a couple things I'd like to talk on.

    The base restrictions were difficult to find on the forums. When I asked another player on PvE8 they mentioned "3x3x2". Searching for "3x3x2" on the forums turned up a reply by PistolPete nicely listing the base restrictions. If this list could be easier to find it might help players do it right the first time.

    On other servers I've visited lag is moderate at worst. If it does get harsh it's usually when I look through my 20 lockers for loot, logging out and back in fixes it for me. I suspect PvE8 can be made more like the other servers which might allow more freedom in base building. I can only suggest talking to other server admins managing Unturned servers about this storage lag thing and any work arounds they've turned up.

    Good luck, I'm going to try and finish my base on PvE8,
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  2. Hey 400ppm, I saw you online earlier! (not an admin though)
    You might want to add the fact that the car Anti-theft does NOT work, unless it's designed to allow for random people to just get in and drive the car into the river, even ones with a sign on them.
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  3. Part of the limitation on base building is because of the concentrated towns that cropped up. Claim flags were never placed. This led to a very hig lag spike whenever that little player town entered the range of influence on the client machine. It also made for a griefer's paradise where they simply took a few steps between targets.

    The concentrated, hoarded storage crashed the servers several times. The limits are to allow one to build, and you can now be within limits and quite creative using the new triangle shaped structural pieces, as well as to limit storage to prevent devastating server crashes that require full resets.

    It's been discussed in detail in other posts.

    And MC with the off-topic post: The car plugin is no longer supported. Also discussed in several other posts.
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  4. Can base size limit be added to the server announcements? I legitimately didn't know and I played the server long before I registered on the website. I put a lot of effort into my base which ended up being 7x7x2 counting the walls because I wanted to offer spare food and clothing to new players; my personal space was 3x3x2 but I get that all of it was considered my base. I'm sure others are unconscious of the limit as well, adding it to the server announcements may help reduce the number of large bases like mine.
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  5. That isn't anti theft. It just shows a car belongs to you. If you want to "secure" your car, get in, then press the "o" key on your keyboard. You'll hear a click and that means your car is locked. You can press "g" to show your inventory and it'll show if your car is locked or not. It won't make your car invulnerable to being griefed, but it won't be driven off by anyone soon as you get out of it.
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