Remove High Caliber Box Form PvE Shop.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Ag3nt 47, Oct 11, 2017.

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  1. High Caliber is 2 OP for PvE server. My metal base got raided many many times with it. 2-3 high caliber ammunition box is enough to raid a base. it should not exist in PvE shop, pls remove it....

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  2. i know my base get raided by that too,but idk how they are going to do it (im dont know that tings soo ..)
  3. Shall we also remove Matamorezes, Dragonfangs, Nykorevs, Horde Beacons, fists? Players can grief with fists you know. Yes, we'll do that. Everything will stay in the game but we will remove your hands/fists. Being unable to punch or hold any weapon will solve the griefing problem once and for all.
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  4. lol i am dead
    remove the fist lol hahahahaha
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  5. It's either that, or reinstating antigrief mods. At least structure abuse can be reversed. Stolen items cannot.
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  6. Anti-grief mods were a huge failure. The griefers simply barricaded players in in place until they died and blocked off spawns/towns. Only staff could clear the trash.

    Our servers are plain vanilla with a shop added. High caliber ammo was removed from the shop a month and a half ago. It still spawns naturally in the game.
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