Remove Grief enabling items from PVE servers

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by lsmith1437, Sep 10, 2016.

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  1. I'm reposting this here in part because I feel strongly about it, and hope the admin here take note.

    1) The item store sells the steely-Wheely tool for next to nothing, which means that your car will be gone if someone blows up your garage door.

    Suggestion: Make it a very expensive item, or remove it from the store.

    Also, some features of JustPlayHere servers makes it easy for paid members to grief on PVE servers..

    2)The premium member kits for sale here come equipped with sticky grenades. I get a couple every day. I would bet that much of the abandoned raided husks of homes on PVE7 and elsewhere are due to this. Mine is one of them.

    Finally, I resurrected the ItemRestriction mod, and will soon have it updated again for the current version. Please consider it?
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  2. 500bits is not next to nothing,..

    As for restricting items; although I have not tested it (yet) given enough time any gun could eventually break down a door. Imposing an limitation will only slow down the problem, not eliminate it. Restriction will just lead to more "creative" use of the remaining tools.

    Now, would your addon "remove" my ability to eliminate yet another door placed on a certain room in Silo 22? How many reports would we have to send in to get such an unfair barrier removed, all the while that rare gun de-spawns.. not to mention the wasted filter... (yes I farm them). That's just one example.

    How many gates are on the PEI prison today? Two less today; I'll remover more of them as soon as I can make the charges, no hurry. Should I repeatedly complain about those instead of just dealing with it? Maybe if I find a Dragonfang in one of the airdrops I'll just shot at the gates instead? A bit slower, but still works.

    No, for every tool that can be used for griefing there is another reason it exists in the game. Some of us do know how to use these tools correctly on non PvP servers.
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  3. My plugin allows any server admin to remove any item identified by item id from a players hands as he's attempting to add or move it or equip it. I guess it's up to the admins to decide. Right now, the needle is very far in the wrong direction when it comes to players having the wrong tools to blow the crap out of other peoples valid and respectful bases.

    I never said I could solve all of it. But I wanted to chip in something that might be helpful and not just complain.
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  4. Oh hey, I found the answer to your main objection: that people need grief-enabling weapons to clear out the other kind of grief, namely, user constructed barricades to exclude other players.

    With Wrecking ball, if all goes as I thing it might, an admin could cause user placed structures or really, anything except permanent parts of the map, to be removed from a location and a radius. Such a command could be scheduled to execute every xxx period of time, to clear the streets of unwanted trash and bases, maybe even roads if someone were to map out key places along a route.

    I'll be testing it this week on my own server to see how it goes. Maybe with an interval of one or two hours, that gives players a chance to use impromptu floors/wall/etc as temporary climbing aids, and then they get wiped periodically.
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    It's not complaining, it's placing another valid argument. You say certain tools are just used by griefers and need a add-on to remove such things. I believe differently; that this will not fix the problem until all guns and tools are blacklisted (which is ridiculous).

    It's called a debate, this is a forum....

    Adding two add-ons may help in the short-term, but it will not stop griefers. They will find other ways to use the remaining tools. I fear what sort of damage this will cause, and the loss of all endgame guns (will I get repaid for my removed Hells Fury?).
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  6. Well, I never wanted to imply that you were complaining. *I* was complaining. So are many others. And I do thank you for your viewpoint, I'd not yet come to terms with the other side of "additive" grief.

    So I'm making my *own* server with the express intent that it be safer for folks who like to build, harder for griefers, and where players don't mind giving up the Hells Fury to get there. I'm echoing those thoughts here because I had the best experience here on these servers. For a week I had a whole lot of fun at JustPlayHere with my boy and his friends making an awesome base and doing excursions into hot zones. Then someone came along with explosives and just wiped it away, and that really pissed me off.

    I refuse to make a base here any more because what's the point, and my boy and his friends have wandered off to other servers. But I really believe that the guys here that run this site really do want players to have a good experience. It's unfortunate that the game itself leaves too many loopholes for griefing, and there's no way with the current set up to stop it. Maybe in pve structures with claimflags should be treated better, and the admins should be able to set areas where no claimflags are allowed rather than having to police them all the time.

    To the end goal of at least making griefing harder on these servers, I'm trying to keep the conversation topic alive. There are some things that can be done, and not everyone will be wholly satisfied, but it might encourage sociopaths to go grief somewhere ELSE. I'll bet that more than half of the grief is done by some 11 year old who has no intention of working for it. They just like the thrill of blowing up someone else's stuff because the rules say you can't. If you make it too much like work for them, they'll go someplace else. The other half who are dedicated miscreants, will probably take more fundamental changes in the game to dissuade.
  7. So go play on your own servers, and enforce your insane set of restrictions there. Just because you are mad that you got griefed one time, doesn't mean you need to enforce your set of rules, restrictions and guidelines, you are the vocal minority. To restrict ALL other players from a slew of items, just because you don't want them to have them, is absolutely ludicrous. We are all playing the same game, and trying to enjoy it, maybe some enjoy it differently than others, but that does not mean you get to decide how other people play, or what they do in game.
    These servers do great, and are constantly filled with players having fun, yes people get griefed, it's part of the game, the developer made it so, but normal people dust off, rebuild, and move on. You on the other hand have made it your mission to ruin this game for other people just because of some vendetta you have. You need to play a game where you don't need to restrict the entire population because of your qualms, or learn to have fun in this game without altering it to your liking.
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  8. Ruin? I don't think so. All I did was point out that some items make it too easy, and hey, if they want, here's a way to limit that.
    I never say they HAVE to. I just offered a suggestion.

    But at least you came out and said something rather than just torpedo someone else's post by calling it dumb. I have a valid point, so you disagreed. I leave it in the hands of the admins here who've said on many occasions that they wish they could do more but can't. I'm just offering one possible solution.
  9. Well, Car Griefing was always against the rules, however, when Nelson decided to add ("Stealy Wheely Automobily") that changed as the ultimate goal for JustPlayHere Network is try to keep it as ("Normal") and ("Vanilla") as possible.

    If these do become a hassle, we will maybe remove it from the shop. We do reserve the right to remove things from Kits, however, we are not going to do that at this time.

    We currently don't use the Wrecking Ball plugin as its gone outdated a few times in the past and why we introduced a ("DemoTeam").

    I'm looking into a plugin called ("Regions") which would allow you to protect an area and *shouldn't* become griefed. o_o Don't quote me on that, that should be the end goal though.
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  10. Interesting, I'll have to look that one up.
  11. I'm just tired of being griefed on server's that you are not supposed to be griefed on,i have yet to find a server that is like that,hopefully JustPlayHere will end my searches so i can finally have peace.
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