Remove Grenade & Rocket launcher from PVE maps

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Agent 47, Apr 24, 2016.


Remove Grenade & Rocket launcher from PVE map

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  1. My base was made with metal and all the item was inside locker. But even that someone just totally wiped my base when i was offline. And it's not the first time that happen. Also i am not the only person who is facing this problem.
  2. well u cant remove them its vanilla item :p but its easy to craft grenade and find them so just screenshot the people who raid ur base ;)
  3. get raided 3 times in 13h when i was offline :mad:
  4. Which server? We've managed to catch and ban quite a number of griefers int he past week.
  5. Question, would destroying a car with nobody inside it, no distinguishing "ownership features" (lockers, plates, generators, etc.) But ppl nearby be classified as griefing?
  6. Depends. If they're running to get gas because they ran out, yes, since they will return to it. Abandoned, out of gas, I usually ask if anyone was driving it first. If no response in a minute or two then it's scrap. ;)
  7. PVE5
  8. We have had a total of 3 greifers banned on that server in past week and almost 20 on all our servers,

    We are still going hard at monitoring our servers to keep them as safe as we can for you,

    We hope to catch the greifer soon.
  9. Thank you for your great support .... :)
  10. PvE7 has been hit bad the last few days as well. half my base and all my lockers were destroyed over night
  11. 1LOWCOBALT: If you have any steam names for the griefers please PM them to me.
  12. i wish i did but i wasn't online when my base got beat to crap
  13. if you remove grenades, they'd just resort to using guns, better option would be if the server owner could tweak the armor multiplier for structures, barricades, and vehicles so that it'd be hard to break

    not sure how they'd do it but i once played in a chinese server that had pine walls taking 10 grizzly shots before it broke

    also tested it in single player by tweaking armor multipliers
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  14. This "Domino Theory" you've got going on is rather childish per-say. The fact of the matter is that we won't restrict the game to meet our rules. If we were to do that I'd fire the staff and take a vacation. If anyone has anything constructive to say that I can likely shoot down please PM me rather then dragging out a forum thread of loops and nonsense.


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