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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by BUTTERmazter, Sep 11, 2016.

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  1. In the server there is a bit system but my friend found a way to get free bits. With the upgrades you get kits and with kits comes free items to sell and with the exp exchange system the Plus, Pro, Elite you get a huge amount of exp. But it says once per day but you can use the command again on a different JPH server. So I could go to every JPH server and use the kits and sell the items and exchange the exp. With that its basically a infinite bit source. What I'm proposing is that its once per day for all servers so you dont just join another server and use the kits again. Hopefully the admins will read this. My friend is abusing the kits for bits.
  2. Unfortunately, The kits are not stored in a database. They're per server. However, we reserve the right to make changes at any time if something becomes abusive.

    This include:
    Removing items
    Lowering limits
    Changing the length of usage.
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