Reduce or limit the bits you start with + Votekick

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by ashwishbone, Jul 4, 2016.

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  1. You start with 1500 (iirc), this enough for a griefer to buy a gun and ammo and ruin someone's base or destroy people's vehicles. Please make it a lot less for a new player, enough to buy food and a PISTOL! Not a rifle and the best gear from the start.

    And enable the vote kick feature, I've played almost a week and not seen a staff member even once ingame. Griefers are there every day and all we can do is watch as they destroy the things we make and gather. Atleast if we can vote kick them we'll be able to do something against them.

    Thank you for reading, Ash.
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  2. I kinda agree with the reduction of starter bits, 5k is abit excessive tbh. If they want to play in pvp and think that 1.5k bits isn't enough, they could always farm bits in the pve servers.

    However, I believe this server was meant for casual gamers, those that don't want to grind so hard for end-game content. Seeing that we have feasts every few mins and the easy bit farming (5 bits per kill and 50 bits every few mins).

    As for the vote kick feature, take note that this could also be abused by big grief groups lets say 3+. It potentially make the low populated servers like Yukon be taken over by grief groups.

    too much starter bits
    vote kick could be abused
  3. I agree vote kicking could be abused. As for the bits, i dont even remember how many i started with. But i don't mind grinding for bits if that becomes a thing.
  4. Griefer weapons are not available in the shop.

    Vote kick will remain off.
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