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    First off I don't know where to post questions if there is a particular thread for them because this websites forums are confusing to me.

    Anyways. In PVE servers as I understand it blocking off map-made structures
    like a store or house for example is against rules as it stops players from gathering supplies and searching for loot.
    Would it also be against said rules if someone were to put safe zone radiator in said houses too?
    In the server I am currently playing in someone has {Out of their kindness for new players}
    made a "safe zone" in town where players can go but in doing so has cut off about three houses and a store with safe zone radiators, thus de-spawning any loot that naturally drops there.
    Honestly I wouldn't have a problem if they made a safe zone out of town but as we are in Yukon and its the only town in the map it frustrates me a bit.

    On another note. If anyone can point me to the forum to report griefing that would be nice.
    And if there is a list of admins if they have certain servers they go on?

    I'm curious :)

    Thanks in advance~
  2. Players may not build in or attach to permanent structures in the game. Players may not place objects or build in any manner that results in restricting or blocking access to any player, item, feast or zombie spawn.

    Think of it this way, and it also applies to skybases: If it's within town limits as you look down from above, or it's where zombies can reach it, it's getting cleared. This includes skybases that intercept feasts or are built within the radius of a town.

    As for the link:

    We need the steam name of the player (found by mousing over the name on the map screen) plus the screen name. Steam64ID if you can get it, violation and screenshot/video. If accepted we will tke appropriate action against the player(s) when he is next online.

    List of admins and servers: Look at the staff list here. We're on all of the servers, just not 24x7. Even Mods need sleep once in a while. ;)
  3. Ah Thank you for the information its most helpful~
    Unfortunately I am yet to catch the griefers as I tend to be offline when it happens.
    I plan to be on the server for a while today so maybe I can finally meet one of the mods~
    Would be fun my friend and I were worried no one came online.
    *gasp* What if I've met one and didn't even realise :D
    Just realised you said slerp instead of sleep. I think you need some sleep too xD
    Have a good day and thanks again for the reply :)
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