[PVE8] Raided. Great.

Discussion in 'Support' started by Optoisolator, Feb 16, 2020.

  1. I went to bed at about 1AM last night (GMT of course) and woke up this morning (8:30AM) to find that my base had been griefed in a rather odd way.
    Instead of being logical and coming through the side of the house, somehow they came through the metal door instead, managing to break it to gain access.
    Luckily, I always take screenshots of my base on PvE servers and the stuff that I have in it before I pop off, so I've got a stock of what was taken and a rough timeframe for when it was taken.
    Here's my base at 1AM this morning:
    And here's it now:
    At least whoever broke in had the common decency to use the front door, I suppose. It was made of metal so I don't see how they could have broken it myself.
    I also have screenshots of the bits and bobs inside my base which were housed in wooden crates. I never felt the need to use metal storage containers, so that's a lesson for me to learn from.
    I can tell you exactly what they took and what they destroyed. They took/destroyed:
    - All four of my wooden crates housing various bits and bobs
    - My generator
    - My bedroll (I'm not too fussed, I know these are cheap)
    - The door to my house is now broken and missing
    - They've broken/stolen my fuel tank, which had about 80% fuel in it. You can see this on the top of the house in the comparative screenshots.
    I have screenshots of all the things that were taken/destroyed except the generator.
    These were my four crates with bits and bobs inside (I tried to link them into the post but these forums are glitchy as hell for me):
    I'm not too fussed about the stuff in the crates being missing, it's just the premise of someone breaking the rules and the bigger things that bother me, such as the generator and the fuel tank up top. They were a pain to get for me, and to have them gone is a bit of a pain in the arse, and it would be nice to sit on the confidence that this won't happen again and whoever was responsible was punished.
  2. Unless there’s evidence provided of the player who griefed this base then it’s highly unlikely anything can be done.

    Breaking metal objects is not impossible, it just requires specific weapons to do the job. Such as a dragonfang.

    It’s actually not that unusual for players to break the more difficult structures rather than a wooden wall as certain things are more difficult to obtain unlike wood.
  3. What about claim flags? Can they be broken?
    Just wondering since I just noticed it's missing.
  4. Yep, claim flags can be destroyed.
  5. Wooden doors and roof hatches are not secure. Destroying the metal door was most likely the means of escape, not entry. Server rules require a base be properly secured with metal doors and hatches. This won't prevent griefing, but it requires more effort on the part of the rulebreaker. Wooden doors require zero effort. Certain aspects of gameplay can not be removed or the game would quickly become unplayable. The rules are in place to try to make it more fair and friendly, but rules don't prevent griefing. They only allow the offender to be punished.
  6. Oh, joy.
    It's happened at exactly the same time a week after. (Between Saturday @ 1AM and 8AM)


    And after:


    This is starting to get a teensy bit ridiculous, now. Not only did they destroy the back of my house, they didn't even bother to break the doors because they were all metal!
    I somehow doubt it's coincidental that my base was targeted by two different people just so happening to be on at 1AM-8AM on the same day a week apart. It's bound to be the same person/group of people who're doing this.
    I would have thought that the logs would have shed some light on this, but supposedly not (even though admins can punish players for placing barricades in shops yet not breaking them on bases?).

    I'm not knowledged in this field, so if anyone could enlighten me on how the logs work, that'd be much appreciated.
    Again, not angry, just disappointed that someone would have the audacity to pull off such a stunt twice in a row.
  7. You wanted them to further grief your base?

    It’s not always the same person but if it is then it’s most likely a player that you have annoyed under the impression they are getting revenge (seen that too many times) or a player you hang around with.

    1am-8am plenty of players are online during those times due to time zone differences.

    Some “friends” once they know what you have and know when you are offline will target you behind your back.

    If the griefer didn’t place any plates then there’s no real way to track who has done it.
  8. It's most likely the same player targeting you.

    Log in at 1 AM with your character in your base. Turn up the volume. Take a nap. When you hear things being broken, screenshot the person who is breaking in and report them over in "Ban Requests". We'll be glad to remove them from the servers.

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