PVE6 Yukon connection problem

Discussion in 'General' started by Tactical Loli, Apr 16, 2016.

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  1. Its been quite sometime and I thought it would be resolved with time but, I haven't been able to get in PVE6 Yukon. It still shows up in my favorites list but when I look it up in internet list with "just" as the server name filter, it doesn't show up. Anyone have ideas as to why?
  2. We believe that this is a problem with the actual game, I will look further in to it for you and I will try and get back to you within a day.
  3. thanks for being an active mod cptkev
  4. Clear all other filters. Nelson also recently introduced a "cheat" filter. That could affect the list that's returned.
  5. probably not it, i just set the filters to any with "just" as the server filter name. same prob
  6. Try connection using this: pve6.ut.justplayhere.com or by IP address:

    If you're hanging on the loading screen that will be a different problem that needs to be addressed.
  7. tried both, using the IP (doesn't even connect) and the URL (stuck in loading screen like the one in server list)
  8. We'll need your steam64ID and I'll pass it on to the admin/owner. Your player inventory in game becaume bugged with the update that lets you rotate objects in your pack. Unfortunately the only way to clear the bug is to reset your inventory. :(
  9. 76561198029857053

    shame to see my stuff go, cant blame you guys
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