PvE 7 Is Down again

Discussion in 'Support' started by Barnacle Boy, Jun 21, 2016.

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  1. I have been trying to join PvE7 For about 15 minuets now and i still cant connect, It went down for the restart and has not come back online.

    Thanks ~SomeGuyWithAProblem
  2. wow PvE 7 is still down till now?? what is happening??
  3. Too much storage. We tell, we clear and everyone continues to add the latest, greatest storage units from Nelson above and beyond staff-imposed limits.

    Full reset is the only way to fix this. Three weeks of staff spending hours on end checking and clearing bases of excess was not enough to save it.
  4. and we only get to know about this now? why did we not get notified about this? the staff could've given a notification at least.
  5. A.I Elle:

    You didn't get notified because the first indication that the server needs a full reset is when no one can connect to it. When players and staff can't connect there's no way to recover anything on the map/server. It's dead.

    By the way, Staff has been warning players in 7 about all of the concentrated bases and ungodly amounts of storage that players were hoarding for over two weeks.

    When PvE8 died due to concentrated bases and hoparding we implemented limits on base size and concentration, storage limits and vehicle limits. The DemoTeam has posted signs that for the most part were ignored.

    I can say this: Once the server is back up the DemoTeam will be in no-mercy mode. This is the second server to die because players did not obey scrolling messages, posted signs and direct voice contact with staff.

    Thre is currently no ETA for the return of PvE7. Cory is aware that 7 is down.
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