PVE 3 Needs a map reset

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Inuzukanara, Aug 5, 2016.

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  1. Not to be clear I mean just the map not the inventories as well >.>
    Here are three reasons why it needs to have the map reset

    • Lag: Due to too much building and I suspect storage as well there is much more lag than there used to be. I used to be able to go through towns like alberton and what not no problamo, however now upon walking into said town I get a lag spick that has the potential to get me killed. Now this is a problem for many players as I have heard from my friend and from the world chat on several occasions.
    • Car Hoarding: This isn't a Huge problem more of a grievance but due to the many structures built some people have taken it upon themselves to hide as many vehicles as they can this caused a drastic shortage of available vehicles and makes it so that it is very rare for them to even spawn. This can be a problem for new players who do not have the ability to make a car (via makeshift 1-6 seater) also inhibiting boats, tanks, helicopter, and or, plains from otherwise spawning.
    • Buildings in general: I have found that even with the demo team (which I might add have increased the life of the server without lag pretty far) there are many structures that block everyone from key points on the map such as spawn points or in some recent cases the drop zones for the airdrops. Not only are some of these structures big enough to increase the lag they are also cutting off parts of the map that they shouldn't.
    Thanks for reading if you actually managed to get through that all and please have a good day ^-^
  2. P.S. let me know if you need me to help in any way
  3. I dont think they can reset just one map... if they could that would be amazing cause then pvp would never have to be reset again lol
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    I do believe they can reset servers separately, as they have mentioned having to reset PVE 8 and 7 IIRC.

    OP as for helping, just go around make note of all locations where problem bases are (oversized, hoarding, abandoned, messy, or in a loot spawn area/pre-existing structure) report it to any of the staff, mentioning that its for the demo team.
  5. Ok thanks for the advise
  6. /position coordinates are the quickest way to get us on the spots that need to be addressed.
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