Insufficient Evidence Psychopath vanished Griefer: ChristanKillage 76561198114801815

Discussion in 'Insufficient Evidence' started by P0P0, Jan 21, 2016.

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  1. The guy continues to stalk and harass , vanished tossing explosives. ChristanKillage is utterly unwell. Any JPH server I go on the guy shows up to torment me it is extremely menacing. This started off with ChristanKillage being a griefer & troll, but now its bordering criminal. The evidence for stalking is in the server log files.
  2. p0p0, I don't know why I'm getting accused or how you got my steam ID but I can assure you it wasn't me doing any of these things to you, as I've only been on the servers for minutes at a time, and checking up on them as I do routinely now.

    What server were you playing on?
  3. You sir are lying. and I assure you your actions are not funny or cute.
  4. What server are you playing on currently?
  5. P0P0 Before you start accusing people you need back up and proof. You lack evidence. Before you go accusing someone you need proof and evidence. So Please provide the following evidence:

    Server you were on when this happened.
    Screenshots of proof/or video. Video would best.
    Time stamps and such.

    As of right now the only proof you've provided is gossip. If you're caught lying it's slanderous and is a punishable offense. Thank you have a good day.
  6. Due to insufficient evidence this ban has been rejected and the player will not be banned.

    Please be sure to take screenshot(s), video(s) or have witnesses and fill out the form.

    - Kind Regards
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