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  1. Welcome to Just One More Block – We’re classified as a “Minecraft Resource” website and not just “Another Minecraft Server” granted, We do have a Minecraft Server, However we do a lot more than just things related to Minecraft.

    Skin Server

    I've written my own Skin Server which can easily be found at “Projects” and then “Skin Viewer” type your in-game Minecraft Username and it will show your skin. It’s case-sensitive, make sure you spell it correctly. You can also go to<ign>.png to pull up your skin.

    iConomy 6 Converter
    While ago I was trying to find a solution to be able to convert from iConomy 6 flat file system which was a “MiniDB” which was just basic text in a file a text file this caused problems leading to balances being overwritten using other plugins such as Votifier if a user wanted to vote on the server. The solution would have been to convert to another economy system – at that point I've looked into CraftConomy. This could convert “MiniDBs” to “MySQL” but at the time it took over 8 hours to convert a really large database for simple text when this could have easily been done in seconds. I didn't want to switch just yet so, I sought out a solution to convert MiniDB in iConomy 6 to MySQL in iConomy 6 – this would also fix the issue of plugins overwriting files, since there was no way or solution available, I’ve wrote my solution to convert from MiniDB to MySQL on iConomy 6 and CraftConomy has been updated significantly where converting from iConomy 6 MySQL to CraftConomy would be seamless and not as slow as it has in the past.

    This is a fully automatic snapshot server. This means, once a new Snapshot for Minecraft has been released by Mojang. It automatically downloads, starts the server and then automatically tweets via twitter. Notifying you as a follow that server has been online and you're able to join.

    More information can be found on its own website at

    Multiplayer Profiles
    For little over a year, I've noticed a lot of “Minecraft Gaming Networks” coming online and they had one thing in common and that was “Too Many Servers” and I was involved with one the most popular ones “MCSG” as they did have too many servers, He even bought a domain name because of it. – I had an idea where if I could convince server owners to basically create their own API based off my system so when they added new servers, All the end user would have to do is simply reload Minecraft or click refresh. It was a lot harder to convince as they didn't want to endorse client-side mods which I can understand that, but frankly they do endorse the use of Optifine to reduce any lag, my mod does absolutely nothing other than an organized server listing.

    I've created my own listings on my own site which allowed the client-side mod to grow in its own form and hopefully maybe in the near future server’s owners of Minecraft Gaming Networks would adapt to this and allow the use of this mod. The future seems be dwindling down because of a proxy server called Bungee Cord or Lily Pad which basically provides “one server” and they recode the plugin to support sign clicking to join a server. This would negate the need of another client-side mod. Don’t worry, I've planned the future of this mod and hopefully would be the successor of the mod which would make the mod even more useful than in its current state.

    More information can be found at

    It’s a game where you can build ships and fly them, In a way we define it as “Minecraft in Space” but there is no crafting involved.

    You can find that server online at

    I have a lot of ideas and I would like to fully get them out, but currently my time is limited as I have a job I have to attend to.

    In a separate post, I’ll go into more details for the Minecraft Server.
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