PLEASE add a save command to the server restarts

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by {WC}PistolPete, Jan 2, 2016.

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  1. Just spent my first 15 minutes on the PVE8/Washington server collecting weapons and earning points.

    The server restart wiped me out. No weapons, no points. Naked.

    The hourly or so restart is really a pain in the butt. Rocketmod automatically wipes unused items from the map based on however you configure it. No need to hourly kill players' progress as a restart sets everyone back anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes or more. Loos of points, loss of construction, spawning in into a fresh field of zombies that one had cleared just before the restart, the complaints I hear go on and on.

    However, if you must do a restart due to hosting resource concerns, PLEASE add a save command just before the restart. This would eliminate most of the complaints, not to mention unnecessary player deaths from instaspwans of zomibes upon restart.
  2. Well, just played on PVE1 for about two hours. The restart not only reset points backwards but I had killed two megas and acquired a suppressed Avenger, 5 full Avenger mags, two Alicepacks, a claymore, a land mine and some other goodies. All the repairs to the clothing/vests I had on was also reset.

    Yep, that's right, play for an hour and a half and lose everything since the last restart. First the griefers on the servers, now the servers themselves. Ugh. Please let me know when you get things straightened out. I'll be avoiding the servers until then.
  3. Hi,

    What you are witnessing is not the servers doing their hourly reset but the servers are crashing due to a file in the server being full.

    When the servers crash there is not usually time for a save as we can not predict a crash. If the servers keep crashing feel free to let us know hereon the fourms or contact a staff member on our Team Speak 3 Server.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience but there is not much we can do apart from fix the problem after the crash.

  4. OK, let's go back to the restarts.

    Can you please have the server broadcast a warning that the restart is about to occur? I've logged four deaths in a week because the restart glitched me right into a zombie. Other players complain about the same issue. Clear a town, server restarts, spawn stuck inside a zombie, dead.
  5. We are sorry for the inconvenience of our server restarts ending up killing you.

    Please note that we take no responsibility for any lost items and will not replace them.

    My suggestion is that as soon as you die you sprint back to your stuff and pick it back up.
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