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  1. After the 2 new updates, the justplayhere shop is a little bit behind, so please add in scalar ammo, vehicle battery, tire, and scalar.
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  2. What does @Cory mean / do?
  3. Somewhat gets his attention XD
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    Also walkie talky, ear piece, making filters cheaper because you can just buy gasmask instead of filters and being able to sell the bulldog. Maybe we can buy missiles aswell???
  5. They got lots to do, probably will take a while to get ALL of them.
  6. @Cory since he is the only one who can update the shop.
  7. @{WC}PistolPete


    Yea, uhm it's been like a month and 16 days since the Scalar came out, I think it should be updated considering the time it's been.

    Not to be rude but, Pretty sure someone could find the time to change this. Especially considering it's been like a month and a half.
  8. I already said I can't update it.
  9. Can you directly get in touch with Cory? That would help a lot
  10. Whether I send one message or 1000 messages,it won't get updated until Cory updates it.
  11. Y'all need to give Pete a break.
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