My Claim Flag gone (Don't know who remove it without warning or player grieved)

Discussion in 'Support' started by tm3, Oct 19, 2016.

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    I was building my base in the small island to the right of Novosibirsk (Russia map) in server PVE9. I have obeyed all the rules placed my bed, claim flag, a sign etc. But today when i arrive in game, i found my Claim Flag removed; probably grieved. I am suspecting some one grieved it because a staff will generally give a warning if any rule breaking in building. The only thing that my Claim Flag was placed not inside but outside my locked door room of my base. Therefore, i am thinking somebody is procedural trying to grief the entire base by first removing the claim flag and after that slowly destroying the base (exploiting the rule that without a claim flag the staff won't pay attention to it). Please help find me out who is doing this kind of thing to me. :( Of course, for safety reason i purchased another claim flag and placed it.
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  2. Hello tm3 if you could catch the person who is doing this and take screenshots, file a ban report and we will gladly look into this more.
    -Butter :3
  3. Always keep your claim flag inside, keeping it outside is like holding up a sign saying "please break this thing". I personally would build a vault to keep it in
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  4. Staff won't clear your base if you JUST lack a claim flag. It's 2 of the 3 items. You were likely griefed. As per claim flag, it HAS to be inside. Your best bet is keeping it out of view.
  5. The DemoTeam can clear a base for no claim flag alone. Build too closely to someone else's claimed area where you can't place you own flag (which should have been tested first) or build a satellite structure to house a remote claim flag and see what happens. Don't hide it in trees either. That's exploiting/glitching and will also result in base removal.
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    Hello Butter. Thanks for your reply. I will try to catch the culprit if he further do something or have a cuss on me. I don't think so though; because i don't have any enemy kind of player. I am always helping and friendly to others. It's just may be a random griever. Saw the flag aha! time to grief lol. Some stupid do things like that. Last time i was helping a guy to complete quest of the pirate and dropped the squid for him. Suddenly, a stupid come in between us and got the squid and ate it raw. luckily, i have 2 squids. :)

    Yes Accel, that's the mistake. i don't often do it but this time somehow i did it. I keep important stuff like bed, claim flag and locker inside a vault door. This base was in progress actually. i would have later removed it to place inside (somehow forgot after making locked room). You know balancing between work and play. :)

    Thanks Hank for the info. I thought i have to have all the 3 compulsorily. Any way, good to know.

    Thanks for your info PistolPete, but i haven't placed anything in claimed area and yes first i have tested, it was clearly giving area mark white. It is an island with nothing near it. Only a player made bridge above it though. But it is unclaimed and too high. I have talked to its maker (CA_van, i think. He lives near, in Jhavesk) while in game and he agreed to make my base below. I think he made it for connecting Camp Kazan and Novosibirsk and Jhavesk. So, we are kind of good Neighbors. You can have a look at it; if any problem still persist according to rule, please inform me. Its the very small island just right to Novosibirsk.

  7. Griefers don't care about the rules. They will break anything and everything just because they can. If your flag was outside I can guarantee it was a griefer who broke it.

    Place the flag inside. If you can narrow down the time frame when the damage is occurring please pass that on. I'll ask other staff to focus their efforts during that time frame.
  8. Ok PistolPete i will try to look into it. If it's a random griever probably not to worry that much. Thanks a lot for the infos.
  9. i got greafed too by no reason what so ever. i had 10 storages. the base was small. 2x3x1 si it was very samll. i had a claimflag inside. i got back. the base destroyed for no reason what so ever.... PvE 3 PEI. thats very nice.... thanks staff..

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  10. Staff will never clear a base incompletely. You were griefed by a player, not staff.
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