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Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Thornhip, Aug 16, 2016.

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  1. I am sort-of the voice for both myself any my dyslexia younger brother "Grizzle Bear", he does not read...

    I'm new to Unturned as in still learning, but I'm an old hat in Minecraft (around since early beta, infdev days) .I also play WoW, occasionally, and I have a fair amount of modded Minecraft experience, including rolling my own mod packs (programming skills not withstanding).

    My time on the Unturned servers has been... Well, FUN is strong word... Educational, maybe...

    You never realize how many -obscenities removed- are out there till you join a public server. I could rant here, but that's for another thread. It's been a time so far, and I look forward to continuing.
  2. welcome to JPH where -obscenities removed- will -obscenities removed- and leave your -obscenities removed- for -obscenities removed-

    enjoy your stay!
  3. LOLI. Control your language.

    I have lysdexia too. It's super fun man.
  4. It's all Greek to me.
  5. Actually the correct term is "expletive deleted". ;)
  6. Well, if you want to be -insert derogatory words here- about it... ;)

    Dyslexia runs in the family. I have a mild case of it on the "output side" of my brain, making it difficult to write things in any legible way without a little help (ya, computers). Reading on the other has never been a problem for me.
  7. "proceeds to type in dyslexic anyway"

    so, yuo hvae a hsiotry of dsylxeia? snice yuor grandad?

    ..okay i'll stop
  8. It's more like typing "b/q" instead of "d/p" and not noticing till you reread through what you typed. Because ive gained a habit of rereading what i send multiple times to make sure i didnt make a mistake like that. It's kind of annoying sometimes.
  9. More like, diagnosed later in life...
    My brother wasn't diagnosed until well into adulthood, and my mother was tested shortly after. I've not been tested, but I often have to re-read what I type, and much of the time even can't read what i put down. Mostly it's missed letters or character swapping, and lots of typos (I challenge most spell checkers).
  10. any way, welcome, hope the mods guide u to the right path comrade :)
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