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  1. we should add a server where staff can host mini games that will entertain guests the games will be basic and easy to create and host I have a few ideas for possible games below. Staff will be able to post on socal media and the website when events will be held. Players will be able to get away from the usual unturned idea and relax and have some fun with some cool entertaining games.

    Event/Game ideas:
    - Races (players race in cars from one end of the map to the other eg: from Stratford to airport.)
    - Snipers nest (two teams with Sportshots shot at eachother in two bases like a team death match.)
    -Boxing match (massive event with a leaders board in punching to death. till one winner)

    Winner receives bits as rewards

    we will become one off the first servers to have minigames as an actually server and event

    feel free to coment any of you minigames idea
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  2. This a great idea I just love it I cant wait for the exciting minigames. Im going to have so much funn!!!
  3. im down for that boxing match any day. i bet im the best unturned boxer here.
    there should be a rule tho like, no jumping and running.
    i think it'd be funny if both fighters just stand toe to toe and the use the lean function to avoid punches.

    also... i was a CS player and am still really into FPS so... bring on that sniper battle too.
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  4. i will gladly host this =) this would have to consist of two Staff members for racing though, one at the start point and one at the end point to validate the race.

    the boxing matches i would love to host that sounds fun =) i could build a ring and would consist of no gear on or clothes and would depend on maybe the XP spent on skills, like example, lightweight, heavy weight, title bout.

    very nice idea Kev =]
  5. YES THAT WOULD BE SO MUCH FUN (and it will bring more people 2 the website)
  6. Hi,
    The other Mods and I were talking about this a few weeks ago as we think it will also be fun for the staff as well. At the moment we are working on other things as we are trying to make our servers even more better than what they are. We may start hosting events in the future once our work load has settles down.
  7. And Mazes! :D I want to put my maze back into the game. :D it got a lot of positive reviews on PvE2 before it was griefed.
  8. This is a great idea
  9. I will look into hosting events on weekends.
  10. I've only just seen this post recently and I'm woundering wouldn't it be hard to make a mini game sever on any of the offical maps becasue the staff will be preoccupied running the mini games so wouldn't some players just sneak off or do some carzy stuff while no one knows?
  11. You have a good point there
  12. Overall, this is a great idea, and it's most likely going to be very successful. (due to past experience hosting mini games on minecraft servers)
    If some players are just there to just mess around, maybe a kicking plugin if they're being warned that they are not being a participant of the minigame. If this is going to be a real legit thing that may be voted on, I'd like to host a mini game server... Since I got lots of ideas for minigames right now as I'm typing this. Hype hype hype! :p
    Thanks Cpt. Kev for thinking of this! 1+ this vote
  13. We now have survival game servers XD
  14. Well why not make an offical JPH map and leave a link to download it or something like that?
  15. Well mincraft severs are a little diffrent from unturned severs minecraft sever are way more controlled and limited while unturned severs are free and the possibilitys are limitless! Unless you have rouge admins but that's just silly now =P
  16. Bumper Cars, A platform in the air with a bunch of golf carts or something, everyone grabs a car and begins at the end of a countdown to ram each other off the edge last one on the platform wins.
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  17. Unless it was a dedicated map like the Arena servers it would be very very difficult to moderate, however, a modifed Arena server map could achieve this.
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