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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Nildrak, Apr 24, 2016.


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  1. Hello Everyone!
    Today I am posting a thread regarding something which I've seen on many other servers, and I feel it would be beneficial to add to the JPH servers.

    It's quite simple actually, a feature which will display a message in chat when players login, or logout, of the server.
    For someone such as I who are constantly playing on PvP servers, it would be a great method so I don't necessarily have to press M and view the map every few seconds.

    Also, for example if I were the only person online at one point and began chopping down trees for my base, I would know exactly when potential enemies logged on, rather than having to check the map list, and if I don't check the map list, potentially being sniped because I thought I was the only one online.
  2. Can I please get this moved to the correct section? I mistakenly put it in the Minecraft area.
  3. I agree I would like to see this on the unturned servers
  4. I feel that although this could be good, griefers could use this in pve maps.
  5. How would this effect griefers? People will grief no matter if someone is on or off, and usually if someone is actively griefing they will periodically check the player-list nonetheless.
  6. Rocketmod for Unturned can already do this. It's off by default on the JPH servers. If it were "on" the griefers would instantly know if a Mod logged in. They would also know the instant a Mod logged off. Play nice, grief. Play nice, grief. Right on cue.
  7. Is there not a way to make Mods have a specific permission which disables the login message? IE: If a player logs on, it shows. If a Mod logs on, nothing shows in chat.
  8. I don't think Rocketmod allows that much customization with the plugin. At any rate it won't be happening on the servers.
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