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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Legalius, Jul 19, 2015.

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  1. Death notifications - To tell when X player dies to X source. Though I guess this will be more useful in the PvP servers.

    Faster Item despawning - I notice that sometimes player dropped items stay until the server restarts, while not really harmful is mildly annoying to pass by. Especially if someone is searching a town and dropping what they do not want in a single spot over and over again.

    Remove sandbags from the store (PvE only if possible) - I notice players using them to build towers to bases instead of putting them on cars.

    Increase Grenade cost (PvE only) While I use them to dismantle randomly placed floors and long abandoned bases, Others mostly use them for griefing purposes, and most are fairly new players whos sole drive is to grief.

    Reduce the zombies back to 3 bit per kill - Again this is mostly to stop griefers from gaining too much to fast, if people like the server they will play on it. The current 2 zombies for a grenade is not a good ratio.

    More defined rules (mostly PvE) - While it says we cannot steal another players car while they are on (PvE only) Some players argue that destroying them is not against the rules, updating it to say destroying player owned cars should stop this petty defense.

    Faster server restarts - lately I've seen the "60 seconds until server restarts" but it actually is going into affect 5-8 minutes AFTER the warning, some players complain about dying due to being in dangerous areas when the server restarts.
  2. Turn off the bit gained when killing a zombie, it usually wipes the chat for me and now I just see it as an annoyance.
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