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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by TheMutantHotDog, May 17, 2016.

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    Also I propose that we call 1000 bits a kilobit, and 8000 bits a kilobyte

    agree if u agree, disagree if u disagree, but dont get too riled up, the kilobit thing is a prank
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  2. Well, it was originally we had the buy price. If you were able to purchase that item. The selling price would be 25% of the buy price.
    Example: If you purchased something that is $500 Bits in the Shop. The selling price would be $125.00

    The name Bits does derive from computers. However, that's it. I wanted something different, and that's what I liked.

    Unfortunately, lot of players thought it came from "My Little Pony" as it's their currency as well apparently. However, I don't watch My Little Pony, and therefore, I'm not a Brony.

    It was a mere coincidence that it worked out that way.
  3. I think cory actually has a my little pony fetish that he just doesn't wanna admit to
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  4. i kept the prices even with the buy is 4x the sell and rebalanced selling of most metal objects
  5. lol, make the explosives cost more, raiders just buy the stuff to blow the heck out of houses, 30 bits isn't hard to get
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  6. Tactical: Mutant does not set shop prices. He is not staff. This thread is now locked.
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