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Discussion in 'Introduction' started by techyCoder81, Sep 30, 2016.

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  1. Hello everyone, I'm techyCoder81. Name's recycled from literally every other gaming service I use (xbox, steam, discord, etc.), so that's why its a little odd. I haven't ever really come up with a better one.

    Anyway, I am a student currently attending the University of Central Florida, working towards a bachelors in mechanical engineering with a minor in robotics. I enjoy programming a bunch, especially in my preferred language, C++. I tend to really enjoy programming challenges overall. I program small video games of the more arcade variety, usually, just to see if I can. I once wrote a 3D engine from scratch, for example, just for the challenge.

    I enjoy playing video games very much as well, and Unturned is one of the games that I enjoy playing. I also play SSB Melee, Ark SOTF, Destiny, Necropolis, Terraria, and Smash 4, among others. I also play racquetball. Very fun game, super realistic graphics, 10/10 would recommend XD.

    I'm a mechanical engineering student who programs in C++, plays video games, and plays racquetball. There you go.
  2. Why not an A-Wing though?
  3. Honestly, I would be very tempted to use an A-wing. Those ships are great and generally the fastest rebellion ships around. Unfortunately though, they're basically the rebellion's tie fighters: no discernable shielding with high speed. X-wings are more well rounded and are better multipurpose fighters. And +1 for "ship that killed the death star" status. That's why.

    A-wing would definitely be my second though, with the snowspeeder behind that. But that's just because of my rogue squadron fueled childhood.
  4. I like the A-Wing because of my Dark Souls mindset. As long as i don't get hit with my speed i'll be a-okay. My second would be the B-Wing solely for it's weird design.
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